Surviving New Year's Eve

Don't forget your mints - for that midnight kiss
Don't forget your mints - for that midnight kiss

I still have a food hangover from Christmas day. If I didn't know better I would swear I am about to give birth to twins. Twins that taste like honey cured ham and a trifle drowning in sherry.

Christmas day 2012 was the best Christmas ever. The sun was shining, the laughter was flowing and my four-year-old nephew was all smiles after unwrapping the Batman Lego I gave him.

It wasn't long before the Lego was strewn in a five-mile radius, Catwoman had flown the coop and Dylan had moved on to a far more exciting gift - a Toy Story watch which cost a fifth of the amount of Lego I had painstakingly picked.

While I have always believed Christmas is for the children, I'm a firm believer that New Year's Eve is for the adults.

I've had a variety of New Year's Eve experiences over my eight years as an adult.

There has been the midnight kisses (with everyone in the bar), the girly movie night, complete with manicures, and of course the odd New Year's Eve I don't even remember.

This year I am yet to decide what I'm doing, but I know it will involve swimming, wine, laughter and me dancing a terrible rendition of Gangnam Style.

This year I have made myself a New Year's Eve Survival Kit, to get me through the 24 hours of excitement and aftermath.

Because I am so nice, I'm going to share my survival kit idea with you, so you can all be as prepared as I am.

New Year's Eve Survival Kit.
For the eve:

• A chilly bin filled with ice and your drinks of choice. This makes it far easier to keep your beers icy crisp, and to also jump ship and head somewhere else.

• If, like me, you intend to kick off with a few beers in the pool, then sunblock is a must. Nursing a hangover with a burning body that is too sore to sleep on is never fun.

• I've made myself a cardboard dog tag for around my neck. It reads like this, "Hi, my name is Taryn and if I am lost please ring my mum on this number ..."

• A water bottle - filled with water, not vodka. If you keep yourself topped up with water between drinks then you will thank me in the morning!

• A buddy system. Keep yourself self in sight of your friends and check in with each other on a regular basis. Make sure everyone gets home safe.

• Mints - for that midnight kiss.

For the morning after the night  before:


  • Bacon - because everything is better with bacon. Even hangovers.


  • A nice big bottle of pulp-filled orange juice. There is nothing like a massive intake of liquid Vitamin C to make you feel alive again.


  • Your favourite movie to watch in bed, complete with snacks.

• Blue Powerade. The saviour of all things.


• Take all the multi-vitamins in the house. All of them. Including the ones shaped like Dinosaurs.

• When you feel up to it, have a nice glass of the hair of the dog that bit you. If it doesn't cure your hangover at least you will be reminded to drink more responsibly next time.

So my fellow Modern Maidens, have fun, kiss your crush at midnight and, above all, remember my motto: Take care for the New Year.

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