Desperately seeking . . . my prince

01:48, Jan 03 2013

Once upon a time, in a bar not too far away, Modern Maiden had a chance encounter with her Prince Charming.

It was New Year's Eve and on the stroke of midnight the gentle, yet strong epitome of tall, dark and handsome lent in and kissed her red lips, while her hair, akin to Ariel The Little Mermaid's, blew slowly in the wind.

The hero's lips were soft, taking the maiden on a magic carpet ride, sending flashbacks of the long forgotten feeling of love swirling through her mind. Like Sleeping Beauty, her prince had finally awakened  her.

His kiss lingered long after the echoes of the countdown, but alas Modern Maiden had to hurry away, before her carriage turned into a pumpkin and her clothes became rags again.

For days, while scrubbing floors and talking to her animal friends, the young maiden thought of nothing more than the prince, whose name she does not know.

And so begins Modern Maiden's quest to find the man who kissed her at midnight on New Year's Eve.


With no idea of an address, be it physical or .com, the young maiden turned to the world of technology to help her find her Romeo.

Searching for ''Price Charming'' on Facebook led her nowhere and no new numbers had been magically entered into her phone. Feeling like she had been locked away in a tower, the maiden called to her online friends to share this plea and help identify the handsome prince.

Tall, with dark hair and a cheeky grin, he wore a dapper black suit with the shirt open, just the way it always should be. The gaze from his eyes melted the ice cubes in every drink in the bar.

Despite the suit the prince had an almost earthy feel to him, like he'd sat atop many mountains, smoking a pipe, contemplating the limitless beauty of the world and collecting feathers to wear in his hair as trinkets from his journeys.

He mused about taking photos and returning the art of capturing memories back to black and white. As he spoke he blew smoke out of his mouth in a way so soft one would swear Tinkerbell danced upon the wispy trails drifting away from his strong jaw line.

It's possible the maiden may have swooned, melting in his arms. He left his touch tingling on her, like he'd applied popping candy as lip gloss.

So, like throwing a message in a bottle into the ocean, the maiden sent this note into the World Wide Web, hoping her friends would be able to help her find her hero.

Dear Prince who stole my breath away at midnight,

Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but find me online, and tweet me maybe.

Modern Maiden