Heart will remain in Taranaki

Braunias bids a fond farewell to the Daily News

This is my last column for the Daily News. One day I'll look back on my decision to quit, and regret it.

Most likely to get surplus of excuses

OPINION: Finance Minister Bill English, long set on getting the books back into surplus in 2014-15, was obviously delighted with this year's Budget projections.

His selection was a farce, now Little needs to prove himself

A bunch of faceless union hacks chose Andrew Little to lead the Labour Party this week.

Little has big job ahead getting Labour on track

OPINION: At 1.45pm on Tuesday, Andrew Little became the New Zealand Labour Party's 15th leader. Little faces a long and difficult struggle to restore Labour's fortunes, a struggle that will only end when he has accomplished five Herculean tasks.

Letters: Moronic idea

"Some councillors think they have the mandate to destroy everything that makes this town unique and beautiful. Over my dead body."

Unreported: We told you so!

Unreported doesn't usually like saying we told you so, but in this case we think it is only fair to point out with Andrew Little that's exactly what we did.

The curious case of suggestive Sutton

Roger Sutton's appointment to head the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority in 2011 was widely approved. Schooled in Gisborne and Hamilton, he had an engineering degree and, as chief executive of Christchurch lines company Orion, his media performances in the aftermath of the earthquakes had enhanced his reputation for being an approachable, communicative, analytical and creative leader.

Letters: A sour business

Anyone who has spilled a milk-based drink in their car can commiserate with the good people of Eltham who live to lee side of the disposal facility there.

Heads in the sand over super

There is every likelihood both major parties will have their heads in the sand on New Zealand Superannuation at the 2017 general election.

Letters to the editor: Wednesday 19 November

Eltham stinks of a coverup, drink-driving laws just revenue gathering, amalgamated Taranaki council would probably operate out of New Plymouth.

Groser promises fresh talks with China

OPINION: Australians are braying that their country's framework for a free trade agreement with China is bigger and/or better than New Zealand's with regard to dairy products.

Letters to the editor: Monday 17 November

"Racism is still a daily experience in Taranaki and failure to acknowledge Maori dissatisfaction leaves them as a target and breeding ground for conversion to Islam."

Editorial: Commonly held Treaty beliefs jolted

OPINION: The Waitangi Tribunal gave the country plenty to think about over the weekend.

Technology irrelevant to the pet rock of the future

In the past I've never had much luck with the future. It never turns out quite as I expected it might.

Smith exposes systemic failures

OPINION: New Zealanders should be troubled that a convicted murderer and paedophile was able to flee to Brazil.

Alas Smith and groans: Corrections has lost our trust

OPINION: What a total bloody shambles. Phillip John Smith has made fools of our Corrections Department.


Unreported this week: the spelling of McMemamin, do you even read this, councillors' eye problems.

Letters to the editor: Wednesday 12 November

Letters to the editor about: Regional council GrabOne deals, Zoo should be user pays, rates cap could create slum town, Mayor Judd and Maori wards.

High cost of domestic violence

The first report from the Glenn Inquiry into child abuse and domestic violence, funded by philanthropist Sir Owen Glenn, was based on interviews with more than 500 victims, frontline workers and offenders.

Letter: Homeopathy


Taranaki Daily News

There is no dispute that, for a small number of people, homeopathy appears to work. What I contest is the mechanism.

Letter: Fireworks ban?


Guy Fawkes night is always so amazing and something to look forward to. But do fireworks need to be banned?

Letter: Garden efforts

Southland Times photo

The garden festival is always something to look forward to at this time of year.

City has its own Piopio boulders primed to drop

Rockfall on State Highway 6 near Makarora

I have the greatest respect and admiration for the mayor and other councillors who voted against capping any rate increase at 3 per cent but on this occasion they got it wrong.

Review urgent over escaped murderer

Phillip John Smith

John Key was gunning for officials in July after a diplomat facing charges of assault with attempt to rape was allowed to go back home.

Editorial: Tourism funding should cause a fuss

OPINION: Tourist industry leaders want fulfilment of National's election promise that Prime Minister John Key would stay in the tourism portfolio he had held for six years.

Inflating the terrorism risk

OPINION: "I don't want to overstate the risk," PM says. But only two passports cancelled this year.

Secret diary of . . . a nice, hot cup of tea

Mug of tea

OPINION: That's why my government has taken away the legal right for workers to have a tea break.

Engineering a bright future

oil rig

OPINION: Taranaki's best engineering and electrical apprentices will be honoured at a special awards evening on Thursday night. Gordon Brown explains why we all have a vested interest in their success.

If you enjoy it, help to pay for it

The decision to reschedule the Americarna festival to 2016 is one that will disappoint many Taranaki fans.

Sevens need star power to survive

sevens strap

OPINION: Could the party really be over for the Wellington Sevens? And is that necessarily a bad thing?

Letter: Rising rates

New Plymouth's rate take has virtually doubled in the past decade, increasing from $36.9 million in 2004 to $71.5m now.

Letter: Spending and rates

swimming pool

It is important to provide more information to Wednesday's front- page story. The heading ''Capped rates will come at big cost' was unnecessarily alarming.

Letter: Fireworks sales


In the wee small hours of Sunday morning just gone, the New Plymouth CBD had all the right ingredients for a riot of a party.



It is a well known fact Unreported never gets tired of detailing people's failed attempts to find their way through this thing called life.

Absurdity of law must be changed


An Electoral Commission statement on Monday normally might have been paid scant heed by news media.

Letter: Rilkoff a joy

Matt Rilkoff

I must admit that one of your best little columns comes from Matt Rilkoff.

Letter: River of rubbish

Rubbish in South Canterbury rivers

I fish on the Mokau River to catch a feed of whitebait, but I am over catching the rubbish that floats past me.

Road remedy not foolproof

State Highway 3 work

Everyone who drives on State Highway 3 will be relieved to read that they will soon be able to travel on the highway south of Piopio in safety.

Letter: Iranian perspective

New Plymouth District councillor Keith Allum gives us the heads up on Iran.

Letter: Ballantyne a man of integrity

The Eltham wastewater treatment plant pond where Fonterra has dumped buttermilk byproduct that is creating a stink with nearby residents.

I just read the article in your newspaper about Alex Ballantyne being demoted.

Wake up, smell the coffee and fight Ebola

Support our new Community Cafe - and help the people of West Africa at the same time.

Ebola call invites ridicule

Jeremy Hunt, a British MP, expressed support for state-funded homeopathic hospitals in 2007.

Time for civil debate on Maori wards

New Plymouth District Council

OPINION: Stories in the Taranaki Daily News this week concerning the reaction to the council decision to introduce Maori wards probably surprises few.

Time for some gutsy decisions on tackling poverty

One in five Kiwi kids live in poverty, apparently. It’s a startling figure.

Letter: Give us a break

cup of tea

The pollies get a tea break. Why shouldn't we?

Letter: Thanks a million

Taranaki Community Rescue helicopter strap

I was the tramper rescued by helicopter from Mt Taranaki last week.

Unreported: Cop in the poo

Wine glasses

In this week's Unreported: Cop in the poo, a whine wine, touring hooliganism a glo-bones a goer.

Editorial: Roast Busters off the hook - for now

OPINION: Outrage from Roast Busters reignited this week by news that no prosecutions will be laid.

Letter: Thanks, Jim

Like many others, I am going to be so sorry to see Jim Hickey retire from doing the weather after so many years.

Letter: Caring church

I am a visually impaired single mother of three school-aged children living in the Bell Block area.
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