My home, my castle

OPINION: The Sensible Sentencing Trust is pressing for "home invasion" to be established as a specific offence with a mandatory 10-year minimum jail term.

Duncan Garner: Driven to distraction - the issue is safer roads, not foreigners

OPINION: Another horror holiday road toll, another round of national angst about foreign drivers.

Editorial: Good news and bad

OPINION: Economic forecast heralds good and bad news.

Editorial: Watchdog asleep at the switch

OPINION: The FMA's strategic risk outlook lists seven priorities that directs the authority's work in licensing, supervision, compliance and enforcement.

Letters: Water cuts

OPINION: Any time is a long time to wait without water when there is no information from council on a pending shut down.

Resource Management Act reform needs support

Concerns about the affordability of houses have been rekindled by a new report.

Editorial: Don't count on current welfare policies

OPINION: More improvement is called for when one in nine working-age Kiwis lack the means to independently support themselves.

Letters: Fluoride

OPINION: Correction - a poll of New Plymouth citizens has not taken place that might even confirm that the majority does not want fluoride in the water.

Farmers not exempt from country's laws

OPINION: There are a few tell-tale signs leading me to the conclusion that dairy farmers are very close to the brink.

Fishing drama all talk, no action

OPINION: Foreign Minister Murray McCully was talking tough last Monday.

Time to boost workers' pay, and first home buyers

OPINION: I'm not a big believer in New Year's resolutions. If you want to achieve something go and do it, any time of the year, I reckon.

'Not Beersies' missing the target

OPINION: The country's 32 primary health organisations, funded through district health boards, must work with community groups, public health service providers and regional public health units to plan and deliver health promotion programmes.

Letters: There must be limits

The brutal murders committed by terrorists on Wednesday of last week during the Paris attack on the offices of Charlie Hebdo, a satirical weekly, were a nightmarishly extreme and bloody form of censorship.

Unreported: Facing the farce

OPINION: It's always difficult coming back to work after a break and the small team at Unreported is not immune

Letters: Limit is 100kmh

100kmh speed sign

OPINION: The speed limit is 100kmh and an overtaking lane is provided to allow vehicles to pass others travelling below that speed.

Editorial: Lawmakers make an ass of the law

OPINION: Court proceedings are being delayed thanks to a law change around sentencing.

Editorial: Not his problem? Not so fast...

OPINION: Police Minister is asking police to review the public messages they issued during the contentious summer road safety campaign.

Letters: Carnival delight

OPINION: I would just like to say what a great time my family and I had at the Oakura Beach Carnival this year.

Freedom comes with responsibilities

OPINION: Instinctive reactions to the killing of several Charlie Hebdo staff and two policemen in Paris last week were to denounce the gunmen and defend the satirical magazine's exercise of its freedom of expression.

Letters: In three words

OPINION: Je suis Charlie.

Letters: Shabby town

OPINION: Calling New Plymouth shabby defies all logic.

Ward hysteria is an election distraction

OPINION: It has been interesting watching from the sidelines as prospective candidates line up.

Toughen up on liquor sales penalties

OPINION: New Zealand is not among the world-beaters when it comes to alcohol consumption.

'Zero tolerance' policy should be scrapped

100kmh speed sign

OPINION: Police's 'stupid' zero tolerance campaign has 'utterly failed' and needs to be scrapped, says Duncan Garner.

Government tardy on bowel screening

OPINION: Bowel cancer is no less sinister than terrorism, but the odds of it striking are greater.

Letters to the editor: January 8

Readers in the Taranaki region have their say on local issues.

Oil price war claims easily debunked

Is the lower oil price simply cyclical, or is there a major oil war going on, asks Gwynne Dyer?

Relief for farmers but not posties

OPINION: Prospects for the dairy sector were looking a tad better yesterday.

Reason: Sri Lankan batsman Kumar Sangakkara's calling to help his nation heal

OPINION: Tsunami devastation, floods and civil war rifts all forgotten when master batsman plays.

Letters to the editor: January 7

OPINION: Readers pen their thoughts on issues facing Taranaki.

Story of sick minature pony strikes a chord

OPINION: There is no rhyme or reason to how people will respond to others in need.

Letters: Trickle up economics

Milton Friedman believed - and still believes - in what is called "trickle down economics", the idea that when rich people get richer, some of their wealth trickles down to poor people.

Enigma of fluctuating road tolls

100kmh speed sign

Police gave ample warning they would have no tolerance for motorists just over the speed limit during the festive season.

Time to get hot under the collar

OPINION: Youths rioting in Gisborne weren't even protesting. Will 2015 be the year we notice climate change?

Honesty is, sadly, no longer the norm

OPINION: It seems society no longer sees honesty as normal behaviour these days.

Editorial: Our special people; let everyone know

OPINION: Yesterday we named our Taranaki Daily News Person of the Year.

Kiwis starting to heed drink-driving campaign

OPINION: The drink-driving message appears to finally be getting through to Kiwis.

May you live in interesting times

The year 2014 was a good one for New Zealand but a combustible one for the world.

Out of puff since the start of 2014

You don't have to tell me. I hear you all groan

Empowering the human family

This Christmas marks a special anniversary: It is 200 years since the first sermon was preached on a Christmas morning in Oihi Bay by a Pakeha priest to a Maori nation.

Editorial: Ignoring the Chicken Littles

OPINION: We have checked and it's still there. In fact, it's quite a pleasant shade of blue, with just a smudge of off-white to keep things warm, but not unbearably so. Yes, we can report that the sky has not fallen.

Editorial: Let's get our heads around drinking

OPINION: Four out of five Kiwis aged 15 or over drink alcohol. It is entrenched in our culture.

A reminder of the meaning of it all

A Christmas Day radio news item last year focused essentially on what people would eat or had already eaten.

Letters: Council drips

New Plymouth District councillors have "called for an investigation into using water meters to reduce water use".

Remembering the meanings of Christmases past

I knew a guy many years ago who shared his unique take on Christmas with me.

Super-ministry a work in progress

OPINION: The Key Government has spent $1-1.4 billion on corporate welfare since the 2007/2008 budget, according to the Taxpayers' Union.

Two top blokes earn recognition

OPINION: It's that time of year again. A time to reflect on the year and, for me, those who definitely shaped it for better. Not worse.

The P problem persists

A day rarely goes by without news of methamphetamine manufacture and use in NZ.

Letters: Save $80k

Why does life have to be so complicated these days?

Government sticks head in sand

We ranked better than Australia, on the Climate Change Performance Index.
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