Team has simple targets in sights

The talk within Team Taranaki ranks heading into today's away Western Premiership football match against bottom-of-the-table Wanganui Athletic has focused on the team's short-term goal.

That is achieving 10 or 12 points from the first four games of round two to remain live in the race of securing a spot in the promotion-relegation series.

So far the composite side are well on track, picking up six points in the first two games in the second dig and it will be a major upset if Team Taranaki doesn't add three more to their tally in Wanganui this after-noon.

Team Taranaki thrashed Athletic 9-0 in the first round, but TT coach Ian McGrath expects Athletic to show more resistance today.

"I think they had a few injuries last time so no doubt they will want to put in an improved performance this time," McGrath said yesterday.

"We're certainly not assuming that this this game will be a walkover or anything like last time."

McGrath said the squad had talked about simple targets; three points, a clean sheet and a disciplined performance and then hopefully the rest would take care of itself.

"If we play simple football and execute well in the final third we should achieve the end result that we are looking for," he said.

Team Taranaki has gained momentum and shown improvement as the season has progressed, but there are still areas, accuracy in finishing being top of the list, that need work.

Today, Team Taranaki will be without Bjorn Vossen who is unavailable. Replacing him in midfield will be Shaun Bracegirdle.

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