Huatoki depleted for clash

02:26, Nov 10 2012

Huatoki will be without their two top women when they take on defending champions in a Soffe Cup tennis match in New Plymouth today.

Seventh former Alice Caskey is studying for exams, while Sophie Robertson is away at a rock concert in Auckland.

Shuna Giles or Ellen O'Byrne will play at No 4 for AWE Huatoki and it will be a battle of who lasts the longest against a fit Trudy Vince.

Sandfords Manaia's Nicole Koch should be too strong at No 1 against Chris Wilson at 1, while Maree Gopperth and Grace Kelly could have their hands full with the Huatoki daughter-mother combo of Hikaru and Saori Han at No 2 and No 3.

Interest in the men's competition will be between Huatoki's new recruit Andrew Sangster and up against Manaia's top player Jordan Fleming.

Chris Popata versus Cameron Koch is certain to be a slugfest, while at No 3 and No 4, Manaia's Michael Gates and young Beauden Fleming will be tested by Alastair Nairn and Murray Keast.


The doubles and combines should be even.

Central Finance Rotokare No 1 Malcolm Elder has a 1-1 head-to-head record with Pukekura's Callum Old.

Old, now working in a shearing gang, should be stronger and fitter and may just have the edge.

Kyle Crowley and the returning Greg Hareb will have an uphill battle against Icon Sports Tariki Pukekura's Mike Fleming and Chris Jury respectively. Captain Shane Devlin at No 4 but may find the going tough against Pukekura No 4 Jamie Simpson.

Rotokare are again without their two top women, with young Frances Gray playing at No 1. She will find the younger Louise Waite a tough opponent.

The Atkins sisters, Beccie and Michelle, play Kirsten Adam and Linda Reid respectively, with the latter Pukekura favoured. Juliet Farquhar, at No 4 for Rotokare, could trouble Donna Thorne.

Pukekura are expected to be too strong in the doubles and combines.

The remaining game between Hareb Deken Oakura and Farmlands Okaiawa at Okaiawa should be close.

No 1s Graeme Mitchell for Oakura and Andrew Powell for Okaiawa clash for the first time in interclub, with Mitchell favoured.

Len Adamson will be competitive against Okaiawa's Mark Laurence, while Vincent Baylis is expected to be too strong for new Charlie Lewis. Oakura's young Cory Sutherland could give Ryan Stockman a fright.

Oakura has Mianna Walden back at No 1 in the women's lineup and she will get a good workout from Amelia Weir. Oakura's Jackie Keenan and Chris Davies should have the edge over Jo Gyde and Jamie Baylis, while Rebecca Scott should complete the cleansweep for Oakura with a win over Shannon O'Brien.

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