Upsets rule in post-section action

While bowlers got to enjoy the best conditions of the season, upsets abounded during post-section play in the men's Christmas pairs and the women's open pairs in New Plymouth yesterday.

Both events are down to the semifinals, which will be played on Saturday at Fitzroy, and the remaining teams do hold an element of surprise.

That is particularly true in the TSB Bank-sponsored women's event. The semifinals feature Paritutu sisters Margie Davis and Barbara Batley against Lorraine Crofskey and Joy Orr (Inglewood), while Faye Gecse and Maree Gadsby (New Plymouth) will square off against Lilac Pouwhare and Girl Reweti (Stratford-Avon).

Gecse and Gadsby made the final four after a comfortable 22-12 victory over clubmates Elaine Hodge and Val McEldowney. In the previous round, Gecse and Gadsby had eliminated the defending champions, Dulcie Bishop and Valda Rowan (Paritutu) 23-16.

Pouwhare and Reweti held the upper hand for most of their quarterfinal against Carolyn Harris and Debbie Smith (Paritutu), leading 13-5 and 17-11. Two braces on the final two ends left the Paritutu duo still short at 17-15.

Davis and Batley also had a closely fought match in the last eight, against Jill Wasley and Jane Augustine (Hawera), before prevailing 23-18, while Crofskey continued her rich form when she and Orr trounced Lepperton's Yvonne Harper and Pauline Davy 23-3.

In the Taranaki Daily News-sponsored men's event, pre-tournament favourites Neville Elliott (Paritutu), Craig Johns (West End), Darren Goodin (Paritutu) and Gary Lilley (West End) all fell early in post-section.

Goodin and then Lilley lost to Alton's Bruce Phillips and Grant Anderson in one-sided games. After an opening loss in Saturday's qualifying rounds, Phillips swapped to the lead role and it worked a treat, although their quarterfinal clash was a closer 20-16 win over Ron Gadsby and Barry Agnew (Fitzroy).

The Alton pair will meet Rahotu's Neil Jury and Des Lowry, a big name in Taranaki bowls from the 1980s, in the semifinals. Jury and Lowry beat Nolantown's Scott Roberts and Ron Ranford 22-11 in the quarterfinals.

The other side of the draw is an all West End affair, in which Jordan Linn and John Sexton will meet the impressive Dennis Osborne and David Bennett.

Osborne and Bennett, after two wins, overcame a 9-4 deficit to beat Hawera Park's Mark Dudley and Jim Rawlinson 21-13.

Linn and Sexton came from 16-11 down to beat Fitzroy's Jeff Bishop and Noel Probyn 21-16 in the other quarterfinal.

Results of post-section play in the Taranaki Daily News-sponsored men's Christmas pairs at the West End and Waimea clubs yesterday:

Round 1: J Rawlinson (Hawera Park) 20 D Christensen (Paritutu) 13, T Symes (Hawera Park) 19 C Johns (West End) 17, D Bennett (West End) 23 G Murfitt (West End) 8, M Hamlin (Stratford-Avon) 23 L Drought (Paritutu) 15, W Bellringer (New Plymouth) 22 G Hassall (West End) 9, N Probyn (Fitzroy) 17 N Elliott (Paritutu) 16, G Anderson (Alton) 24 D Goodin (Paritutu) 6, G Lilley (West End) 23 M Anderson (Alton) 9, N Candy (West End) 21 R Gregory (New Plymouth) 4, B Agnew (Fitzroy) 21 R Henderson (West End) 20, I Lowry (Rahotu) 22 R Hassall (Paritutu) 16. Round 2: Rawlinson 24 Symes 19, Bennett 24 Hamlin 5, Probyn 20 Bellringer 12, J Sexton (West End) 22 W Hurley (Nolantown) 14, G Anderson 22 Lilley 7, Agnew 24 Candy 7, R Ranford (Nolantown) 17 I Lowry 16, D Lowry (Rahotu) 25 A McCallum (Hawera) 14. Round 3: Bennett 21 Rawlinson 13, Sexton 21 Probyn 16, G Anderson 20 Agnew 16, D Lowry 22 Ranford 11. Semifinal draw: Saturday at Fitzroy: D Osborne, D Bennett (West End) v J Linn, J Sexton (West End), B Phillips, G Anderson (Alton) v N Jury, D Lowry (Rahotu).

Results of post section play in the TSB Bank-sponsored women's open pairs at Fitzroy yesterday:

Round 1: G Shaw (Paritutu) 22 E Goble (Lepperton) 20, B Batley (Paritutu) 16 N Rothwell (Fitzroy) 15, J Augustine (Hawera) 24 D Rowe (Hawera) 17, V Rowan (Paritutu) 27 P Symes (Hawera) 8, M Gadsby (New Plymouth) 25 H Thomas (New Plymouth) 13, V McEldowney (New Plymouth) 27 B Quinn (Hawera) 7, K Stampa (Hawera Park) 21 F Parkes (Hawera) 18. Round 2: Batley 19 Shaw 15, Augustine 23 M Drummond (Fitzroy) 16, P Davy (Lepperton) 25 T Moulden (Waitara) 9, J Orr (Inglewood) 20 T Howard (West End) 19, Gadsby 23 Rowan 16, McEldowney 22 Stampa 21, G Reweti (Stratford-Avon) 28 D Turner (Hawera) 13, D Smith (Paritutu) 29 V Colson (Paritutu) 9. Round 3: Batley 23 Augustine 18, Orr 23 Davy 3, Gadsby 22 McEldowney 12, Reweti 17 Smith 15. Semifinal draw: Saturday at Fitzroy: M Davis, B Batley (Paritutu) v L Crofskey, J Orr (Inglewood), F Gecse, M Gadsby (New Plymouth) v L Pouwhare, G Reweti (Stratford-Avon).