Boulton lineage stays to the fore

The name Boulton has long been synonymous with Taranaki bowls and the next generation entered the winner's circle with his maiden victory on Saturday.

Bryan Boulton's accurate lead play was a big contributing factor to a West End side, skipped by John Garrud and also including John Sexton, claiming the final of the Taranaki men's open triples.

The trio came from behind to upset their more fancied clubmates Dean Elgar (skip), David Bennett and Dennis Osborne 21-19 in the final of the Clegg's Funeral Services-sponsored event at Hawera Park.

It was the sixth Taranaki title for Garrud, the fourth for Sexton and the first for Boulton, who until now has been only a part-time player.

There was a poignant moment after the game when Boulton's father, Alan, presented the Roy Boulton Memorial Shield to Bryan.

Roy Boulton, Alan's father, was a terrific player for West End, winning the Taranaki open fours on four occasions.

After dropping a five on the opening end, the Elgar side claimed the next nine shots over four heads to take the advantage. After nine ends the score had become 13-7, however Garrud produced the first of his telling shots on the next end, drawing the ace when four down.

They were again four down on the 16th end before Garrud trailed the jack to grab a three and close the margin to 17-15.

When Garrud turned out the shot bowl to take a three on the 19th end, the scores were tied. A single on the next to Garrud gave him the lead.

On the last end, Garrud held two on the changeover. With his first bowl Garrud drew the jack slightly to still hold shot but leave Elgar with three seconds. Elgar's first drive removed only one of his own bowls. After a long deliberation, Garrud drew a second shot. It proved the right decision, with Elgar's final drive removing only the shot bowl and still leaving Garrud with one and the glory.

In the semifinals, Garrud's side powered away from Rahotu's Ian Lowry, Des Lowry and Neil Jury winning 25-10, while Elgar's team defeated Alton's Grant Anderson, Mark Anderson and John Roberts 18-16.

By dominating the second half of the match, Hawera Park's Kristin Stampa, Pauline Kennedy and Ella Smailes powered away to an emphatic win in the final of the Taranaki women's open triples at Hawera Park on Saturday.

The trio had been locked in a tense encounter with New Plymouth's Jenny Clarke, Margy Carey and Elaine Hodge until the screws were turned and Stampa's side ran away to win the Taranaki Daily News-sponsored event 23-11.

The first half of the game was an even contest with New Plymouth leading 8-6 after nine ends.

But from then on it was all Hawera Park. They grabbed successive singles, followed by successive twos and at 12-8 the momentum had swung their way. A single to New Plymouth offered some hope, but Hawera Park quickly replied with two further singles and a decisive four to open the match up at 18-9 after 17 ends.

They were out-drawing their opponents and two singles to New Plymouth became academic when Hawera Park claimed a five on the 20th end when the New Plymouth failed to get anything close.

It was Stampa's seventh Taranaki title, No 3 for Kennedy and a first for Smailes.

In the semifinals, Stampa edged out Vogeltown's Gale Fache, Betty Eustace and Yvonne Hallard 19-16, while Clarke came from 12-7 down to beat Inglewood's Anita Swafford, Loris Ropitini and Lesley Herlihy 19-16.

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