Anderson survives 'worst game'

19:01, Jan 23 2013

Previous winner Grant Anderson and his team from Alton were given a timely wakeup call before escaping with an extra end victory to secure their sixth win in the Taranaki Open fours men's bowls tournament yesterday.

The 2006 champions almost came unstuck against a Te Kuiti side with two first-year players and a fifth-year bowler in their ranks.

The scores were locked at 22-all at Paritutu in New Plymouth when the Alton four picked up a single on the 25th end. Ten minutes later, there were a few sighs of relief when Dan Weinberg's final bowl was wide of the mark, giving Alton the 23-22 win.

"We let our guard down," said Anderson afterwards. "That's what happens when you under-estimate the opposition. It's a wakeup call for the boys. It was our worst game of the week."

For Weinberg and his team of Peter Natze (three), Kevin Higgins (two) and Ted "Father Ted' Hamilton, it was a must-win game having already secured three wins.

Anderson was one of 16 unbeaten skips to have qualified for tomorrow's post-section play in the TSB Bank-sponsored event.


There was a fair sprinkling of Taranaki names on the list with Anderson's clubmate Ross Haresnape also bagging six wins.

Other Taranaki skips were Dean Elgar (Vogeltown), Inglewood's Gerry O'Sullivan, three-time winner Gary Lilley from West, Nolantown's Russell Hardy who won in 2003, West End's Steve Walker and Fitzroy's Ricky Cook.

Heading the list of visiting skips with the perfect record of six wins were Hillcrest's Neil Clarke and Laird Park's Cary Pinker.

Other visiting skips to have qualified were the Tauranga South pair of Peter Harris and Peter Clark, John Geaney (Blockhouse Bay), Naper's Ces Bell, Brian Little (Palmerston North) and Paul McKinnel from the Te Rangi club in Southland.

Several teams with five straight victories cam unstuck in the sixth round. The unlucky ones included Kevin La Roche from Aramoho, Hinuera's Stu Settle, Rewa's Murray Hooper and Bay View's Barry Wakely.

A few skips did it the other way, dropping their first game and then winning five straight. They included four-time winner Danny Delany from Onehunga, Hawera Park's Allan Hunt, Paritutu's John Reid and Naenae's Terry Lynch. All need one more win to qualify.

Geoff Bovey (Tawa Services) picked up an eight in his match against Kevin Sturgeon from Mairangi Bay, winning 27-14. Bovey scored his fifth win his afternoon clash with Milan Dragicevich from Browns Bay. Dragicevich was after his sixth win.

The shock result from the fifth round was in section 14 at Port View. West End's David Bennett had won his first four games comfortably, but was upset 27-7 by Arnold Osborne from Kapiti. It was Osborne's first win for the week and Bennett's first loss. Bennett won his afternoon match to chalk up his fifth win.


Section one at Inglewood Round five J Gould (Tawa Services) 29 R Puklowski (Himitangi) 16, D Elgar (Vogeltown) 34 G Laird (Naenae) 11, S Grace (Paritutu) 25 G McEldowney (New Plymouth) 14, K Greeks (Napier) 22 M Oldfield (Tauranga South) 20, I Porteous (Wanganui East) 36 J Peel (Inglewood) 21, P Bishop (West End) 26 K Souto (Waikanae) 23, D Campbell (Glenfield) 25 B Agnew (Fitzroy) 20.

Round six Oldfield 26 Gould 18, Elgar 33 McEldowney 18, Laird 16 Puklowski 5, Grace 22 Peel 20, Greeks 23 Souto 19, Porteous 30 Agnew 18, Campbell 22 Bishop 11.

Summary: Six wins, Elgar; five, Oldfield; four, Porteous, Greeks; three, Gould, Laird, McEldowney, Agnew, Campbell, Bishop, Grace; one, Puklowski, Souto; none, Peel.

Section two at Waitara Round five S Alefosio (Park Avenue) 37 J Foreman (Paritutu) 7, B Harris (Westport RSA) 29 B Parkes (Hawera) 12, G Shaw (Paritutu) 32 R Trowern (Lepperton) 9, D Selby (Hillcrest) 25 P Dorreen (Kaitaia) 24, M Feek (Waimea) 23 J Munn (Takaro) 11, W Dudley (West End) 33 G Williams (Tawa Services) 10, A McMillan (Sunshine Coast) 26 P Murdoch (Oakura) 17.

Round six Dorreen 31 Foreman 10, Shaw 27 Parkes 6, Harris 29 Alefosio 17, Trowern 30 Feek 27, Selby 37 Williams 18, Murdoch 24 Munn 22, McMillan 27 Dudley 22.

Summary: Five wins, Alefosio, Selby; four, Harris, Shaw, Dorreen, Feek, McMillan, Dudley; two, Murdoch, Munn; one, Foreman, Parkes, Williams, Trowern.

Section three at Vogeltown A

Round five

K La Roche (Aramoho) 20 T Rayner (Tawa) 15, B Jarvis (Takaro) 29 J Roberts (West End) 21, L Moratti (Lepperton) 23 G Watts (Stratford-Avon) 21, S Settle (Hinuera) 34 M Staggard (Sunshine Coast) 12, G O'Sullivan (Inglewood) 23 P Rielly (Donnale, Melbourne) 14, R Hardy (Nolantown) 34 H Peters (Hutt) 16, A Hunt (Hawera Park) 25 L Wech (Mairangi Bay) 17.

Round six Staggard 30 La Roche 22, Watts 25 Roberts 24, Rayner 31 Jarvis 10, O'Sullivan 24 Moratti 22, Peters 26 Settle 8, Hunt 29 Rielly 17, Hardy 27 Wech 14.

Summary: Six wins, O'Sullivan, Hardy; five, La Roche, Hunt, Settle; four, Watts; three, Staggard; two, Jarvis, Peters, Wech; one, Rayner, Moratti; none, Roberts, Rielly.

Section four at Paritutu B Round five C Sterling (Park Kilbirnie) 26 S Love (Te Kawau) 13, W Ramanui (Wainuiomata) 24 T Upson (Stratford-Avon) 22, A Waitere (Port View) 24 B Slyfield (Paritutu) 13, C Mitchell-Burnard (Te Kuiti) 32 M Hayman (Pakuranga) 7, R Haresnape (Alton) 24 C Demler (Tui Park) 22, L Milham (Sunnybrae) 24 D Hodge (Lepperton) 12, R Walker (West End) 26 T Campbell (Kaitaia Combined) 22.

Round six Hayman 33 Sterling 24, Upson 21 Slyfield 19, Ramanui 22 Love 21, Haresnape 27 Waitere 24, Mitchell-Burnard 37 Milham 6, Demler 30 Walker 20, Campbell 19 Hodge 14.

Summary: Six wins, Haresnape; five, Mitchell-Burnard; four, Ramanui, Walker, Demler, Waitere; three, Sterling; two, Upson, Love, Slyfield, Hayman, Milham; one, Campbell, Hodge.

Section five at Lepperton Round five D Williams (Johnsonville) 21 I Coombe (Mairangi Bay) 16, C Pinker (Wanganui) 32 G Hill (Paritutu) 9, B Hardcastle (Inglewood) 23 L Murfitt (West End) 21, B Stewart (Heretaunga) 28 R Holmes (Paraparaumu Beach) 23, W Collins (Hawera) 23 R Hughes (Taupo) 21, W Maddern (Naenae) 30 L Reader (Opunake) 15, D Sones (Terrace End) 22 D McClean (Vogeltown) 12.

Round six Coombe 25 Holmes 13, Murfitt 27 Hill 11, Pinker 31 Williams 15, Hardcastle 25 collins 22, Stewart 28 Maddern 22, Hughes 13 McClean 12, Sones 26 Reader 14.

Summary: Six wins, Pinker; five, Coombe, Williams, Stewart; four, Holmes, Maddern; three, Hardcastle; two, Hill, Murfitt, Collins, Sones, Hughes; none, McClean, Reader.

Section six at New Plymouth Round five C Bell (Napier) 27 G Brown (Sunshine Coast) 20, R Park (Wanganui) 27 J Roberts (Vogeltown) 18, D Stachurski (Inglewood) 22 C Smith (West End) 21, B Schischka (Johnston Park) 29 J Holt (Otorohanga) 22, R Cook (Fitzroy) 29 P Ramsey (Wilton) 25, M Jones (Paraparaumu Beach) 19 I Lowry (Rahotu) 18, J Carter (Hutt) 23 B Newland (New Plymouth) 15.

Round six Bell 33 Schischka 7, Stachurski 23 Roberts 20, Park 26 Brown 20, Cook 24 Smith 12, Jones 23 Holt 12, Ramsey 28 Newland 5, Lowry 23 Carter 20.

Summary: Six wins, Bell, Cook; five, Park; four, Jones, Lowry, Ramsey; three, Schischka, Carter; two, Brown, Stachurski; one, Roberts, Newland, Holt; none, Smith.

Section seven at Waimea Round five G Bovey (Tawa Services) 27 K Sturgeon (Mairangi Bay) 14, M Dragicevich (Browns Bay) 26 G Markie (Vogeltown) 18, P Charteris (Rahotu) 32 M Wesley (New Plymouth) 19, L Wheeler (Gonville) 25 M Noble (Takaro) 24, G Lilley (West End) 26 T Muir (Mt Maunganui) 18, K Geertson (Hutt) 30 I Andrews (Paritutu) 18, N Spragg (Hillcrest) 24 R Linn (Hawera) 21.

Round six Noble 21 Sturgeon 13, Wesley 15 Markie 10, Bovey 26 Dragicevich 23, Lilley 31 Charteris 27, Wheeler 26 Geertson 21, Muir 31 Linn 7, Andrews 25 Spragg 9.

Summary: Six wins, Lilley; five, Dragicevich, Bovey; four, Noble, Muir; three, Sturgeon, Wesley, Andrews, Wheeler; two, Geertson, Charteris; one, Linn, Spragg; none, Markie.

Section eight at Paritutu A Round five C Gush (Northern) 35 R Scott (Seatoun) 13, A Ferrari (Wilton) 29 D Brunton (Stratford-Avon) 18, T Harper (Lepperton) 27 F Nicholas (Port View) 13, P Wester (Heretaunga) 27 M Ross (West End) 13, R Hassall (Paritutu) 23 D Weinberg (Te Kuiti) 11, T Holdsworth (Blockhouse Bay) 27 F Pollock (Hawera Park) 14, G Anderson (Alton) 31 J Evans (Paraparaumu Beach) 18.

Round six Wester 28 Scott 15, Harper 26 Brunton 22, Ferrari 20 Gush 19, Hassall 28 Nicholas 6, Holdsworth 26 Ross 23, Anderson 23 Weinberg 22, Pollock 30 Evans 24.

Summary: Six wins, Anderson; five, Hassall; four, Holdsworth; three, Scott, Ferrari, Gush, Harper, Wester, Evans, Weinberg; two, Pollock, Ross; one, Brunton, Nicholas.

Section nine at West End 1 Round five B Little (Palmerston North) 26 A Schrauf (Perth) 25, J Ape-esera (Waimea) 38 A Brider (Johnsonville) 18, G Kerr (Fitzroy) 22 E Bocock (Paritutu) 12, P McKinnel (Te Rangi) 29 B Cotter (Omanu) 16, P Burrett (Te Kuiti) 26 R Gregory (New Plymouth) 22, G Fulford (Havelock North) 34 J Whelan (Manaia) 12, C Johns (West End) 25 K Briscoe (Kaitaia Combined) 22.

Round six Little 28 Cotter 17, Bocock 27 Ape-esera 14, Brider 21 Schrauf 20, Gregory 21 Kerr 18, McKinnel 27 Fulford 19, Burrett 24 Johns 23, Briscoe 28 Whelan 11.

Summary: Six wins, Little, McKinnel; five, Johns; four, Briscoe; three, Brider, Bocock, Fulford, Burrett, Kerr; two, Schrauf; one, Ape-esera, Cotter, Gregory, Whelan.

Section 10 at Fitzroy 1 Round five R Parker (Birkenhead) 27 K Addley (Naenae) 19, J Reid (Paritutu) 26 M Tyson (Waikanae) 15, P Doody (West End) 23 T Foggin (Urenui) 21, L Dempster-Rivett (Hamilton City) 28 T Butcher (Palmerston North) 12, F Klenner (Inglewood) 25 M Doak (Far North RSA) 19, J Geaney (Blockhouse Bay) 26 A Schrader (Okato) 18, P Harris (Tauranga South) 31 D Foulkes (Fitzroy) 5.

Round six Parker 26 Butcher 19, Reid 29 Doody 10, Tyson 26 Addley 21, Klenner 30 Foggin 16, Geaney 27 Dempster-Rivett 23, Doak 14 Foulkes 13, Harris 24 Schrader 5.

Summary: Six wins, Geaney, Harris; five, Reid; four, Parker, Klenner, Dempster-Rivett; three, Butcher, Schrader, Doak; two, Tyson; one, Addley, Doody; none, Foulkes, Foggin.

Section 11 at West End 3 Round five W Parker (Bay View) 25 N Drew (Birkenhead) 24, B Wakely (Bay View) 29 J Hall (Hawera Park) 12, T Mullin (Pihama) 27 P Drought (Paritutu) 8, N Clarke (Hillcrest) 29 P Fitzgerald (Naenae) 10, B Pepperell (Waitara) 25 P Smale (Gate Pa) 23, P Harris (Sunshine Coast) 23 S Cottam (West End) 17, W Bellringer (New Plymouth) 34 I Jamieson (Palmerston North) 5.

Round six Clarke 23 Parker 19, Mullin 22 Hall 13, Drew 23 Wakely 17, Pepperell 34 Drought 11, Harris 22 Fitzgerald 10, Bellringer 29 Smale 28, Cottam 23 Jamieson 10.

Summary: Six wins, Clarke; five, Wakely; four, Drew, Pepperell, Bellringer; three, Parker, Hall, Mullin, Harris; two, Cottam, Fitzgerald; one, Smale, Drought; none, Jamieson.

Section 12 at Fitzroy 2 Round five D Delany (Onehunga) 26 W Hausman (Bulls) 22, I Mahoney (Levin Central) 25 D Watt (Lepperton) 9, T Zimmerman (Waitara) 29 K Murray (Hawera Park) 10, D Duncan (Mt Maunganui) 24 J Mitchell (Park Timaru) 17, P Turnbull (Taradale) 23 A Madgwick (Paritutu) 10, T Lynch (Naenae) 20 N Candy (West End) 11, M Hooper (Rewa) 27 S Rielly (Port View) 14.

Round six Duncan 25 Hausman 18, Watt 22 Murray 20, Delany 28 Mahoney 19, Madgwick 27 Zimmerman 17, Lynch 26 Mitchell 6, Rielly 25 Turnbull 16, Candy 26 Hooper 21.

Summary: Five wins, Delany, Lynch, Hooper; four, Hausman, Candy; three, Mahoney, Duncan, Zimmerman; two, Watt, Murray, Madgwick, Turnbull; one, Rielly, Mitchell.

Section 13 at Vogeltown B Round five T Cullen (Helensville) 24 D Massa (Island Bay) 14, B Holdt (Paritutu) 20 J Mora (Tawa) 12, N West (Inglewood) 21 P Selby (Heretaunga) 18, S Walker (West End) 28 M Dorreen (Mt Albert) 16, M Jones (Hillcrest) 28 P Kuklinski (Nolantown) 20, I Adams (Fitzroy) 22 J Graham (Palmerston North) 19, D Klenner (Vogeltown) 29 D Ryan (Paraparaumu Beach) 21.

Round six Massa 22 Dorreen 10, Holdt 25 West 23, Cullen 30 Mora 18, Selby 9 Kuklinski 8, Walker 24 Graham 9, Jones 25 Klenner 3, Adams 12 Ryan 9.

Summary: Six wins, Walker; four, Massa, Holdt, West, Kuklinski, Graham; three, Cullen, Adams, Jones, Selby; two, Klenner, Ryan; one, Mora, Dorreen.

Section 14 at Port View Round five P Harris (Kahutia) 31 K Walker (Johnston Park) 22, R Hiroti (Inglewood) 33 N Goldsworthy (Fitzroy) 28, H Tuckett (Silverstream) 25, P Clark (Tauranga South) 29 L Drought (Paritutu) 10, A Osborne (Kapiti) 27 D Bennett (West End) 7, J Priest (Oakura) 28 C Bouzaid (Birkenhead) 12.

Round six Tuckett 21 Harris 19, Drought 27 Goldsworthy 14, Sandercock 25 Osborne 22, Clark 26 Priest 18, Bennett 28 Walker 26, Bouzaid 26 Hiroti 21.

Summary: Six wins, Clark; five, Bennett; four, Bouzaid; three, Harris, Sandercock, Priest, Tuckett, Drought; two, Goldsworthy, Walker; one, Hiroti, Osborne.

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