Big guns firing at Taranaki Open fours

18:21, Jan 24 2013
Colin Demler
FRAMED: Colin Demler, from the Tui Park club, bowls during his team’s eighth-round match in the Taranaki Open fours men’s bowls tournament at the Fitzroy greens in New Plymouth yesterday. Demler was playing with an arm in a sling after tearing muscles trying to catch sheep. The Te Aroha side won both games yesterday to qualify for post-section play.

The big guns all made it safely through section play to be among the 46 qualifiers for the knockout phase of the Taranaki Open fours men's bowls tournament, starting today.

Four-time champion Danny Delany and his team from Onehunga were there, along with three-time champion Gary Lilley, who was one of five West End skips to make the cut.

Alton's Grant Anderson, after a scare on day three, picked up their sixth win in the morning round, as did Paul McKinnel and his Te Rangi team from the deep south.

Colin Demler
FRAMED: Colin Demler, from the Tui Park club, bowls during his team’s eighth-round match in the Taranaki Open fours men’s bowls tournament at the Fitzroy greens in New Plymouth yesterday. Demler was playing with an arm in a sling after tearing muscles trying to catch sheep. The Te Aroha side won both games yesterday to qualify for post-section play.

The other West End skips to advance were Craig Johns, Steve Walker, Neil Candy and David Bennett.

Candy, who tipped over Delany in the opening round on Monday, needed a win in round eight to qualify and his team delivered with a 26-9 win over one-winner Stephen Rielly, of Port View.

Bennett, too, needed his last game to qualify, with the West End combination proving too strong for Fitzroy's Neville Goldsworthy, winning 27-15.


The other Taranaki skips to qualify were Paritutu's Rodger Hassall and John Reid, Alton's Ross Haresnape, Nolantown's Russell Hardy, Inglewood's Gerry O'Sullivan, Hawera Park's All Hunt, Vogeltown's Dean Elgar and Fitzroy's Ricky Cook.

There were a couple of hard-luck stories.

Dick Williams and his team from Johnsonville needed their last game to qualify, but were thumped 30-8 by Rex Holmes, from Paraparaumu Beach. It was Holmes' fifth win.

Two five winners squared off in section three - Hinuera's Stu Settle against Gordon Watts from Stratford-Avon - with the visiting team winning 17-5.

On the other side of the dice, Birkenhead's Nigel Drew sneaked through with a last-gasp 25-24 win over Hillcrest's Neil Clarke, who had already qualified.

Three of the more well-known skips who didn't qualify were Les Dempster-Rivett, from Hamilton City, Hutt's John Carter, and John Earles, from Paraparaumu Beach.

Dempster-Rivett and his team finished second last year, while Carter, a former Bowls New Zealand chairman, and Earles are regular visitors to the Taranaki tournament.

Post-section play in the fours today will be at the West End and Paritutu greens, with all the fours action at the weekend at Paritutu. The final will be played on Sunday afternoon.

Section one at Vogeltown B Round seven J Gould (Tawa Services) 14 K Souto (Waikanae) 11, D Elgar (Vogeltown) 30 J Peel (Inglewood) 15, M Oldfield (Tauranga South) 29 G laird (Naenae) 25, R Puklowski (Himitangi) 20 G McEldowney (New Plymouth) 16, S Grace (Paritutu) 9 B Agnew (Fitzroy) 7, K Greeks (Napier) 26 D Campbell (Glenfield) 23, I Porteous (Wanganui East) 30 P Bishop (West End) 9.

Round eight Porteous 25 Elgar 9, McEldowney 26 Greeks 14.

Qualifiers: Elgar, Oldfield, Porteous.

Section two at Paritutu B Round seven J Foreman (Paritutu) 30 G Williams (Tawa Services) 29, B Parkes (Hawera) 25 M Feek (Waimea) 22, P Dorreen (Kaitaia) 25 B Harris (Westport RSA) 24, S Alefosio (Park Avenue) 27 G Shaw (Paritutu) 24, P Murdoch (Oakura) 30 R Trowern (Lepperton) 13, D Selby (Hillcrest) 22 A McMillan (Sunshine Coast) 10, W Dudley (West End) 21 J Munn (Takaro) 18.

Round eight Dorreen 22 Alefosio 18, Murdoch 27 Dudley 24.

Qualifiers: Alefosio, Dorreen, Selby.

Section three at Port View Round seven K La Roche (Aramoho) 23 H Peters (Hutt) 16 G O'Sullivan (Inglewood) 14 J Roberts (West End) 13, B Jarvis (Takaro) 24 M Staggard (Sunshine Coast) 20, G Watts (Stratford-Avon) 22 T Rayner (Tawa) 21, A Hunt (Hawera Park) 29 L Moratti (Lepperton) 17, S Settle (Hinuera) 25 L Wech (Mirangi Bay) 9, R Hardy (Nolantown) 23 P Rielly (Donnale, Melbourne) 10.

Round eight Settle 17 Watts 5.

Qualifiers: La Roche, O'Sullivan, Hunt, Hardy, Settle.

Section four at Fitzroy 1 Round seven L Milham (Sunnybrae) 26 C Sterling (Park Kilbirnie) 12, R Haresnape (Alton) 15 T Upson (Stratford-Avon) 14, M Hayman (Pakuranga) 27 W Ramanui (Wainuiomata) 14, S Love (Te Kawau) 16 B Slyfield (Paritutu) 9, R Walker (West End) 29 A Waitere (Port View) 13, C Mitchell-Burnard (Te Kuiti) 30 T Campbell (Kaitaia Combined) 7, C Demler (Tui Park) 28 D Hodge (Lepperton) 12.

Round eight Demler 28 Upson 22, Milham 11 Campbell 3, Hodge 27 Walker 19.

Qualifiers: Haresnape, Demler, Mitchell-Burnard.

Section five at West End 3 Round seven I Coombe (Mairangi Bay) 23 W Maddern (Naenae) 13, G Hill (Paritutu) 25 W Collins (Hawera) 23, C Pinker (Wanganui) 23 R Holmes (Paraparaumu Beach) 19, L Murfitt (West End) 30 D Williams (Johnsonville) 29, D McClean (Vogeltown) 22 B Hardcastle (Inglewood) 18, B Stewart (Heretaunga) 27 D Sones (Terrace End) 21, R Hughes (Taupo) 31 L Reader (Opunake) 18.

Round eight Holmes 30 Williams 8.

Qualifiers: Coombe, Pinker, Stewart.

Section six at West End 1 Round seven C Bell (Napier) 22 M Jones (Paraparaumu Beach) 19, R Cook (Fitzroy) 21 J Roberts (Vogeltown) 18, R Park (Wanganui) 22 B Schischka (Johnston Park) 19, G Brown (Sunshine Coast) 18 D Stachurski (Inglewood) 7, B Newland (New Plymouth) 22 C Smith (West End) 9, J Carter (Hutt) 31 J Holt (Otorohanga) 12, P Ramsey (Wilton) 29 I Lowry (Rahotu) 19.

Round eight Ramsey 28 Roberts 25.

Qualifiers: Bell, Park, Cook, Ramsey.

Section seven at Fitzroy 2 Round seven K Sturgeon (Mairangi Bay) 12 K Geertson (Hutt) 9, G Lilley (West End) 35 G Markie (Vogeltown) 13, M Noble (Takaro) 24 M Dragicevich (Browns Bay) 19, G Bovey (Tawa Services) 29 M Wesley (New Plymouth) 9, P Charteris (Rahotu) 12 R Linn (Hawera) 8, N Spragg (Hillcrest) 19 L Wheeler (Gonville) 16, I Andrews (Paritutu) 26 T Muir (Mt Maunganui) 16.

Round eight Dragicevich 21 Charteris 17, Noble 28 Bovey 15.

Qualifiers: Dragicevich, Bovey, Noble, Lilley.

Section eight at Inglewood Round seven T Holdsworth (Blockhouse Bay) 27 R Scott (Seatoun) 16, R Hassall (Paritutu) 23 D Brunton (Stratford-Avon) 16, A Ferrari (Wilton) 17 P Wester (Heretaugna) 10, C Gush (Northern) 18 T Harper (Lepperton) 14, G Anderson (Alton) 16 F Nicholas (Port View) 7, J Evans (Paraparaumu Beach) 30 M Ross (West End) 5, F Pollock (Hawera Park) 25 D Weinberg (Te Kuiti) 20.

Round eight Holdsworth 36 Evans 12.

Qualifiers: Hassall, Anderson, Holdsworth.

Section nine at Waimea Round seven B Little (Palmerston North) 27 C Fulford (Havelock North) 20, J Ape-esera (Waimea) 24 R Gregory (New Plymouth) 13, A Brider (Johnsonville) 23 B Cotter (Omanu) 22, E Bocock (Paritutu) 27 A Schrauf (Perth) 9, C Johns (West End) 22 G Kerr (Fitzroy) 17, P McKinnel (Te Rangi) 26 K Briscoe (Kaitaia Combined) 23, P Burrett (Te Kuiti) 23 J Whelan (Manaia) 14.

Round eight No play.

Qualifiers: Little, Johns, McKinnel.

Section 10 at Waitara Round seven J Geaney (Blockhouse Bay) 28 R Barker (Birkenhead) 18, J Reid (Paritutu) 29 F Klenner (Inglewood) 9, T Butcher (Palmerston North) 14 M Tyson (Waikanae) 3, K Addley (Naenae) 20 P Doody (West End) 10, T Foggin (Urenui) 22 D Foulkes (Fitzroy) 20, P Harris (Tauranga South) 24 L Dempster-Rivett (Hamilton City) 17, M Doak (Far North RSA) 18 A Schrader (Okato) 17.

Round eight No play

Qualifiers: Reid, Geaney, Harris.

Section 11 at Vogeltown A Round seven P Harris (Sunshine Coast) 27 W Parker (Bay View) 23, J Hall (Hawera Park) 26 B Pepperell (Waitara) 19, N Clarke (Hillcrest) 25 B Wakely (Bay View) 24, N Drew (Birkenhead) 29 T Mullin (Pihama) 12, W Bellringer (New Plymouth) 24 P Drought (Paritutu) 11, P Fitzgerald (Naenae) 18 I Jamieson (Palmerston North) 15, P Smale (Gate Pa) 24 S Cottam (West End) 22.

Round eight Wakely 19 Drought 17, Drew 25 Clarke 24, Cottam 29 Bellringer 19.

Qualifiers: Wakely, Drew, Clarke.

Section 12 at Paritutu A Round seven W Hausman (Bulls) 22 T Lynch (Naenae) 12, D Watt (Lepperton) 16 A Madgwick (Paritutu) 14, I Mahoney (Levin Central) 24 D Duncan (Mt Maunganui) 4, D Delany (Onehunga) 28 K Murray (Hawera Park) 10, T Zimmerman (Waitara) 20 S Rielly (Port View) 17, J Mitchell (Park, Timaru) 23 M Hooper (Rewa) 15, N Candy (West End) 24 P Turnbull (Taradale) 18.

Round eight Hausman 24 Madgwick 18, Candy 26 Rielly 9.

Qualifiers: Hausman, Delany, Lynch, Candy.

Section 13 at New Plymouth Round seven J Graham (Palmerston North) 21 D Massa (Island Bay) 13, B Holdt (Paritutu) 31 P Kuklinski (Mt Albert) 12, M Dorreen (Mt Albert) 12 J Mora (Tawa) 11, T Cullen (Helensville) 26 N West (Inglewood) 18, P Selby (Heretaunga) 15 D Klenner (Vogeltown) 7, D Ryan (Paraparaumu Beach) 13 S Walker (West End) 9, M Jones (Hillcrest) 30 I Adams (Fitzroy) 13.

Round eight Graham 27 Ryan 18, Jones 29 Holdt 15.

Qualifiers: Graham, Walker.

Section 14 at Lepperton Round seven C Bouzaid (Birkenhead) 27 P Harris (Kahutia) 10, N Goldsworthy (Fitzroy) 25 A Sandercock (Sunshine Coast) 23, P Clark (Tauranga South) 24 D Bennett (West End) 12, J Priest (Oakura) 13 K Walker (Johnston Park) 2, R Hiroti (Inglewood) 20 H Tuckett (Silverstream) 16, L Drought (Paritutu) 24 A Osborne (Kapiti) 19.

Round eight Bennett 27 Goldsworthy 15, Bouzaid 27 Sandercock 18.

Qualifiers: Clark, Bennett, Bouzaid.

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