Fours champion to advance

LOW DOWN: Lepperton skip Nellie Hewson looks ahead as she is about to bowl during section play at the Fitzroy greens in New Plymouth on day two of the Taranaki Open fours women’s bowls tournament.
LOW DOWN: Lepperton skip Nellie Hewson looks ahead as she is about to bowl during section play at the Fitzroy greens in New Plymouth on day two of the Taranaki Open fours women’s bowls tournament.

Defending champion Heather Johns and five other skips yesterday booked their spots in post-section play of the Taranaki Open fours women's bowls tournament.

Johns and her Paritutu team have the required four wins to advance to the knockout stage of the TSB Bank-sponsored event.

The other unbeaten skips are Kristin Stampa (Hawera Park) and Fitzroy's Joan Richards, along with three from the Paritutu - Joan Gaines, 2010 winner Valda Rowan and Cathy Andrews.

Andrews' fourth-round win was the talking point of the second day's play.

Andrews and her team-mates were 10 shots behind with three ends to play in their afternoon clash against Irene Poletti and her team from Stratford-Avon.

Just when it looked like the central Taranaki side were going to pick up their first win, the Paritutu four scored a six and a single to close the gap. Needing three to force an extra end, the Paritutu team went one better and picked up a four to win 22-21.

Andrews won the title in 2000 when playing three for Kath Fleming.

Two-times winner Shona Chambers, from Browns Bay, won both of her matches yesterday and needs one more to qualify in section one, as does Waitara's Joy Clouston.Vogeltown's Gale Fache also needs one more to qualify after scoring two wins yesterday in section three, while Helensville visitor Sue Edwards is in the same boat after a win and a loss yesterday in section four.

Last year's runners-up, Cindy Nicoll and her team from Inglewood, had a win and a loss on day two, dropping their afternoon game in section four 28-19 to Barbara Quinn, giving the Hawera side their first win.

Fitzroy's Miriam Koot got back on track in section two with two wins - 23-17 over New Plymouth's Heather Thomas and 19-18 over Lepperton's Pauline Davy.

Section one at New Plymouth

Round three

J Hedley (New Plymouth) 30 M Farmer (Paritutu) 21, M Hickey (Mt Maunganui) 24 D Turner (Hawera) 15, H Johns (Paritutu) 28 J Ropitini (Fitzroy) 18, J Clouston (Waitara) 34 J Brocklehurst (Inglewood) 18, S Chambers (Browns Bay) 25 M Mawson (New Plymouth) 14, M Moratti (Lepperton) 23 P Gopperth (Pihama) 12.

Round four

Mawson 25 Farmer 23, Turner 25 Moratti 10, Johns 25 Hedley 18, Clouston 29 Hickey 18, Chambers 26 Ropitini 12, Gopperth 25 Brocklehurst 20.

Summary: Four wins, Johns; three, Turner, Clouston, Chambers; two, Gopperth, Mawson, Moratti, Hickey; one, Farmer, Ropitini, Hedley; none, Brocklehurst.

Section two at Paritutu C

Round three

P Davy (Lepperton) 37 J Johnson (West End) 18, B Robinson (Opunake) 34 F Moulder (Paritutu) 10, M Koot (Fitzroy) 23 H Thomas (New Plymouth) 17, K Stampa (Hawera Park) 24 N Cowen (Palmerston North) 17, J Kalin (Hawera) 35 A Blucher (Te Atatu Pen) 14, J Gaines (Paritutu) 28 J Clarke (Smart Road) 7.

Round four

Johnson 28 Blucher 11, Gaines 25 Robinson 20, Koot 19 Davy 18, Cowen 22 Moulder 19, Thomas 28 Kalin 23, Stampa 31 Clarke 7.

Summary: Four wins, Stampa, Gaines; three, Johnson, Koot, Davy; two, Cowen, Thomas; one, Robinson, Kalin, Moulder; none, Clarke, Blucher.

Section three at Inglewood

Round three

J Orr (Inglewood) 22 N Fairhurst (Waitara) 20, J Barrett (Opunake) 22 A Newland (New Plymouth) 12, D Cooper (Lepperton) 25 M McCallum (Hawera) 23, J Richards (Fitzroy) 32 E Ryan (Te Atatu Peninsula) 12, G Fache (Vogeltown) 27 R Walsh (Paritutu) 20, E Hunter (Waipawa) 36 V Colson (Paritutu) 16.

Round four

Fairhurst 27 Walsh 10, Newland 24 Colson 11, Orr 21 Cooper 16, Richards 17 Barrett 15, Fache 22 McCallum 12, Ryan 28 Hunter 18.

Summary: Four wins, Richards; three, Fairhurst, Newland, Fache, Orr; two, Cooper, Ryan, Barrett; one, Hunter, Colson; none, McCallum, Walsh.

Section four at Lepperton

Round three

C Nicoll (Inglewood) 23 V Webster (Vogeltown) 22, S Edwards (Helensville) 30 A Searancke (Tawa) 26, E Goble (Lepperton) 36 B Quinn (Hawera) 20, V McEldowney (New Plymouth) 28 Y Standing (Paritutu) 14, B Gopperth (West End) 29 M Sisson (Opotiki) 24, V Rowan (Paritutu) 28 M Gadsby (New Plymouth) 9.

Round four

Webster 30 Sisson 16, Rowan 28 Edwards 12, Quinn 28 Nicoll 19, McEldowney 26 Searancke 18, Goble 27 Gopperth 8, Standing 31 Gadsby 6.

Summary: Four wins, Rowan; three, Edwards, McEldowney, Goble, Nicoll; two, Webster, Standing; one, Quinn, Gopperth, Gadsby, Sisson; none, Searancke.

Section five at Fitzroy

Round three

B Bishop (Paritutu) 26 I Poletti (Stratford-Avon) 21, U Maha (New Plymouth) 21 L Bateman (Bay View) 17, C Andrews (Paritutu) 30 G Palmer (Fitzroy) 15, N Hewson (Lepperton) 25 F Parkes (Hawera) 21, J Collins (Opunake) 27 J Cato (Ohaupo) 19, M McCallum (Inglewood) 38 L Bright (Port View) 2.

Round four

Collins 27 Bishop 19, Bright 31 Maha 22, Andrews 22 Poletti 21, Bateman 23 Hewson 22, Palmer 25 Cato 17, Parkes 26 McCallum 23.

Summary: Four wins, Andrews; three, Bateman, Hewson; two, Bishop, McCallum, Palmer, Collins, Bright, Parkes; one, Maha, Cato; none, Poletti.

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