Driver drifts into his sport and stays hooked

19:13, Feb 05 2013
breman stand
Waitara's Tony Breman is looking forward to putting his highly modified RX7 through its paces.

Waitara's Tony Breman has been at the forefront of the evolution of the sport of drifting.

The motorsport involves drivers spinning their wheels and sliding the back out while racing around a circuit.

Races involve two cars duelling it out over two laps, one leading and one chasing.

In the past 10 years Breman has seen drifting mature from illegal street races to one of the fastest growing motorsports in New Zealand.

"They have really done a good job trying to push the sport to where it is now and get the kids off the road and keep things professional," he said.

Breman, who will be driving his highly modified RX7, was looking forward to taking part in the Rock Naki Drift event at Centennial Dr this weekend. "It should be a lot of fun, hopefully the weather holds out so we can get a bit more speed," he said.


The sport pushed both drivers and their vehicles to the limit.

"It's being in control of something that's out of control," Breman said.

Organiser Ross Honnor, of Waitara's Dobson's Dyno Tune, said 25 of the country's best drivers, including Curt Whittaker and Cole Armstrong, would be taking part in the demonstration event around the 1.6km circuit on Saturday.

On Sunday local drivers will put their talents on display.

"It is a real unique motorsport, it will be something totally different," Mr Honnor said. "Drifting is a controlled slide, which involves a very high level of skill."

Mr Honnor said drivers were usually judged on speed, style, the angle of the car as it slid through corners and the amount of smoke produced but the weekend's event would be "purely freestyle".

"We want it to be a crowd-pleaser and prizes will be awarded for best smoke, best angle and best crash."

Members of the public, provided they are over 18 and have covered shoes - all other safety equipment will be provided - can also get a taste of the sport with two-lap rides, seated beside some of New Zealand's best drivers, costing $80.

Mr Honnor said people needed to bring cash as there would be no eftpos available.

Saturday's event runs from 1pm to 6pm and Sunday's 10am to 4pm.

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