New twist on pushing the limits

22:40, Feb 07 2013
shayne stand
Former world motocross champ Shayne King will have to rely on his own engine during this weekend's Coast to Coast challenge.

Former world motocross champion Shayne King has powered up a few tracks and over a few hills during the years.

But there will be no throttle back-up when the 42-year-old takes on a 34km mountain run on day one of the Coast to Coast multisport endurance race today.

"We walked about 5km up the track when we got here today. I'm wondering just what I've got myself into. There's no handle bars to hold on to," King said yesterday from Greymouth.

"I'm trying to get my head around it."

New Plymouth's King accepted the challenge when a friend - former national enduro champion Mark White, from Paeroa - suggested they team up for the two-day event from Kumara Beach on the West Coast to Christchurch's Sumner Beach.

"Mark said to me we should give it a go and I agreed, as long as I didn't have to do the kayak."


King said he was looking forward to the race.

"I've done a bit of sneaky training. It's a bit of an adventure . . . something different to do. I've always been up for a challenge."

It's the first time either of the two have attempted a challenge like this.

"Mark will do the first run and the cycle. I'll take over for the mountain run and hope to finish that in five to six hours," King said. "Mark will do the paddle on Saturday morning and I'll do the 70km cycle."

If all goes well over the next two days, King says he may consider having a crack at the two-day individual race next year.

"And maybe in a couple of years, have a go at the longest day."

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