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Tech tips to enrich a blind person

Gene Gibson loves technology - it's a vital part of his daily life.

Teddies with a mission

Tireless campaigner against child abuse Carolyn Cragg is the Taranaki Star's Central Taranaki person of the Year for 2014.

Toy library seeks books

Taranaki Toy Library is seeking donations for its secondhand book market for children.

Stretching out to help charities

Now people can stretch out for a good cause.

Group aims to unite artists

There's a new art group in Taranaki.

Nature helps foster play

A mud pit, rocks and bushy trees are keeping 45 pre-school children entertained.

'Army' looks southwards

The YMCA's Community Army is one of New Plymouth's best-kept secrets, but that could be about to change.

More light shed on model railway

Miniature tracks, structures and people are lit up after a major project at the New Plymouth Model Railway Club.

Help for pet refugees

Refugees at the North Taranaki SPCA are having a happy New Year.

Our community champion

Helen TeWake, more affectionately known as "Mumzie", is this year's Midweek Person of the Year.

Walkway new option

Instead of making a commute through the Northgate bottleneck, people from Bell Block can take the Coastal Walkway.

Desperately seeking new homes

A starving abandoned dog survived living wild on the banks of a Taranaki river for six months and even brought up two pups.

Pukeiti reaches new heights

The ambitious multi-million dollar modernisation of Pukeiti gardens is well under way and due to move into an extensive building phase in just two months.

Fundraiser will help beat bordeom

The boredom of cancer treatment in hospital inspired New Plymouth girl Gabby Devine to start a charity to help others battling the disease.

Have faith in Adopt-a-Family

Families are again being asked to reach into their pockets and help out someone less fortunate this Christmas as the Salvation Army prepares for its annual "Adopt-a-Family" scheme.

Two friends off to King's College

Two of Hawera's future sporting greats have scholarships at one of the country's leading secondary schools.

Recovery's long, hard road

Taking a short cut at work on a quad bike changed Andrew Fleming's life forever.

Kitten nearly crushed by machines

Lucky Luna saved by staff

Staff save kitten from being killed by tonnes of machinery in rubbish pit.

Stratford's attractions highlight toilet walls

Stratford artist Joni Smith has a prime spot for her work - the walls of the new Tudor-style public toilets on Broadway.

Nurse practitioner sees need for more

Nurses treating and prescribing for patients could be the answer to Taranaki's GP shortage according to a local nurse practitioner - but more need to step up to the plate.

Seagar shares tales from nursing days

Cook extraordinaire Jo Seagar was on her first day on the job as a trainee nurse, when she underwent a life-changing experience: her elderly patient died.

Marfell School riding high

Marfell Community School can boast it is the first in Taranaki to have a cycle track.

T-shirts prove Tiger Town has it all

A lover of all things Tiger Town, Phil Gayton has designed a T-shirt depicting the tough waterside village where he grew up.

Living with a slow death

Man diagnosed with motor neurone disease advised to do everything he wanted to do before he got sick.

Suspect leaves a trail of art

Philip Jones, also known as Suspect, has left his mark on Central and South America.

Discovery course helps Tailor turn his life around

Tailor Flay has just got back from a course that changed his life.

Troops feel welcome

Operation Kiwi Koru in effect

New Zealand forces are providing peacekeeping services to the people of Taranaki on exercises this month.

Spaces for teen parents


Stratford High School Teen Parent Unit Whaimana Ako wants more students from North Taranaki.

Heaven on earth


Six homes decked out for Christmas will open their doors to raise funds for St Pius X School.

Dental care job up for grabs

dental cadet


Raising the profile of Maori health in the community is the main aim of a six-month dental cadetship based in Hawera.

Dual awards recognise long service

Abigail Johns


The desire to be better than the rest has seen a Stratford woman awarded both her Queen's Guide and Queen's Scout awards.

Mountain of work


Four Department of Conservation employees have collectively clocked up more than 150 years working for the environment.

Knitters knock out the right knockers


Knit World New Plymouth wants people to help women suffering with breast cancer by knitting knockers.

Spate of bike thefts

police chase generic

Police urge caution after six motorbikes stolen from rural properties around Taranaki.

Famous yet 'unknown'

Broken Hallelujah

He blends in around Stratford and may pass unnoticed but most residents have probably seen him on screen.

Honouring 100 years



Stratford Plunket is celebrating 100 years of caring for the community's babies and mothers.

Doing hard yards for art


Two Taranaki artists are headed to Paris, but not for a holiday.

Infection claims patient


New Plymouth's Denise Phillips has died after a hard-fought battle against a rare type of blood cancer.

Pensioned into debt

bridson strap

In today's increasingly costly world, is the pension enough for Mr and Mrs New Zealand to live on?

New store to empower women


There's a new shop in town and the woman at the helm wants to help Taranaki women embrace their bodies.

Wristband speaks up

Joshua Trowbridge


You can't see a person's hearing impairment when they're swimming but you certainly notice if they don't respond to your calls.

Major surprise for 100th

Nathan Young


Nathan Young wasn't sure what to expect for his 100th birthday but it wasn't a visit from one of New Zealand's most iconic performers.

Railing riles rugby fan


Newspapers often run stories which feature people railing against something, but this time actual railings are the problem for a very ardent rugby enthusiast.

Visit the smallest open homes in town


Maureen Holmes-Woods and Marilyn Muirhead are about to hold open homes with a difference.

Morris to Mrs B in fundraiser


Mrs Brown, played by Morris West, will be at the Karaoke Takes to the Stage event.

A dog’s life printed for posterity


Lizzie the dog is such a character, she's the subject of a new children's book.

Historic mag catalogued


People featured in Taranaki Photonews can now find themselves.

Learning how the other half lives


Walking in someone else's shoes is not as easy as it sounds.

Fresh raw milk on tap

Udderly Fresh


Farm fresh raw milk will be available in Hawera within the next month.

Group walks the talk about health

Ngati Ruanui


Ngati Ruanui Health Care patients are walking themselves well under a new healthy living initiative.

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