UK spies turn phones into bugs

Computer and network exploitation is so effective that having a smartphone is akin to "carrying around a bug with you".

3 min ago  British spies are deploying cyber-snooping technology that turns your phone into a mobile bug.

Man sues Apple for lost photos

A UK judge has ordered Apple to pay a 68-year-old newlywed more than NZ$2700 after staff lost his honeymoon pics.

A Deric versus Goliath battle sees a UK pensioner successfully sue Apple.

Camera war claims first victim

No company is immune to the ravages of competition and the camera market is a ruthless one.

The camera market is one of the most competitive parts of the tech industry.

What's the future of gaming?

Star Wars Battlefront is an example of a daunting console game.

Gamers are getting older and critics say games are too hard to attract new people.

No headphone plug for iPhone 7?

The 3.5mm headphone plug, left, is hindering the iPhone from being thinner.

Tech sites are reporting Apple will remove the audio plug from the iPhone 7 so it can make it thinner.

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Scammers target older people

More and more senior citizens are feeling comfortable on the internet, but there are concerns their new-found online confidence makes them a target for scammers.

Ruthless scammers are zeroing in on growing numbers of "silver surfers", or older internet users.

What's next for Yahoo?

Yahoo has starred in a decade-long soap opera as it struggles to return to its glory days.

Walk-Man the humanoid walks tall

How to protect yourself from cybercrime


Christmas shopping master list gallery

We'd love to open this gorgeous Jo Malone London gift on Christmas morning!

17 min ago  We’ve got your what-to-buy dilemmas sorted with our ultimate guide to the most desirable gifts.

Drone to your door video

Online retail giant Amazon has revealed a new prototype of one of its delivery drones.

VorTech created a propeller drone, inspired by academic research into the future of wind turbines.

NZ at forefront of drone technology

A drone which can withstand bad weather on film sets has won an emerging technology competition.


Finding the best gaming console

A man poses for a photo in front of a Microsoft Xbox sign opposite a Sony PlayStation sign at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3, in Los Angeles, California, United States, June 16, 2015. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson

Choosing a console will depend on the preferences of the users. Here's the advantages of all three.

Bikinis and tan lines rule out game

The Dead or Alive series has come under fire for its sexualised female character designs and "boob physics" sliders.

You should soon be able to play PS2 games on a PS4.

PS2 games are coming to PS4

Veteran gamers are rejoicing at the news Sony is working on a way to play PlayStation 2 games on PlayStation 4 consoles.

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Pope Francis - rap icon?

Pope Francis dropped a new album this week called Wake Up!

7:51 AM  An image of Pope Francis holding a microphone in a rapping fashion has inspired a new meme.

The week I quit social media

OPINION: The day I gave up social media, I went on Facebook three times. 

Call for condom emoji

Avid emoji users may soon be pairing their suggestive aubergines and donuts with an icon which promotes safe sex. 


'I'd hate to go back to paper'

Marlborough District Council chief information officer Stacey Young says putting council property files online allows them to be more customer-centric.

Little old Blenheim is right up with Rio de Janeiro and Amsterdam.

The secret origins of Telegram

An encrypted app called Telegram has been adopted by IS as its preferred platform for messaging.

3D Touch on the iPhone 6S is a pleasure to use, but in the two months since its release, few app developers have embraced it.

Where are the 3D Touch apps?

3D Touch is the standout reason to buy the new iPhone, but barely any apps use it. Here's why.


Drone to your door

Online retail giant Amazon has revealed a new prototype of one of its delivery drones.

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