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Sparks fly over 4G ad claims

Drinking apps such as 'Drink Thin' are encouraging kids to drink

16 min ago  Spark may go to Commerce Commission after Vodafone dug its heels in over its 4G advertising.

New internet cable's legal hurdle

Commerce Commission to look into competition implications of Spark, Vodafone and Telstra’s subsea cable.

Imagine N. Korea with no internet...

Privacy a luxury by 2025


Spark to Vodafone: quit bragging

Vodafone extends its 4G coverage in Invercargill, but the company may have to defend its claim it has the largest network.

Does Spark now have NZ's largest 4G network? They think they might, and want Vodafone to stop claiming otherwise.

Hand it to LG's smartwatch

The G Watch R smartwatch is what you've been waiting for.

Peter Perrim has founded SUAVE for drone and UAV enthusiasts

Civilian drones take off video

Despite ties with war and terror, drones are being touted as 'kickass' Christmas gifts.


The politics gamers play

Gamers Starcraft

Rape threats are familiar to many accused of the crime of Gaming While Female.

AC creator teases next project

The first game for Patrice Desilets' new studio will be a triple-A historical action-survival title.

The Talos Principle

Philosophy with Portal

REVIEW: Talos is a puzzle game in the vein of Portal that also explores the implications of AI.

social networking

Facing up to family on Facebook

Still learning: Older relatives new to Facebook may need to be told their shared posts can be seen by strangers.

Feeling red-faced or angry with the oversharing sister-in-law or mum? You’re not alone.

Hook-up apps put gay bars out of business

Social media apps are killing the gay bar scene, claiming as their latest victim New Zealand's longest-running gay venue.

Russian opposition leader and anti-corruption blogger Alexei Navalny smiles before a court hearing in Moscow in August.

Facebook blocks Putin critic

Social network bows to pressure page protesting the imprisonment of anti-corruption blogger.


To Apple or Android?

While Android has a much larger market-share, iPhone uses spend more on apps.

Choosing between iPhone and Android is a common - and crucial - dilemma for startups.

Uber new driver screening tech

After weeks of bad press, ride-sharing service introduces new driver screening methods using "scientific analysis".

Pluto.TV seeks to make Web viewing in nearly any genre as easy as firing up the Sky Box.

An alternative to YouTube

Pluto pledges to be a more laid-back YouTube, with an almost broadcast TV ethos.


North Korea 'totally down'

White House refuses to say if US responsible for internet outage in communist nation.