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FRINGE ZONE: Logo for the internet bulletin board 4chan, a source for memes, racist rants, origami tutorials, and those nude celebrity pictures.

Inside 4chan: The net's fringe

10:18 AM  Memes, racist rants, origami tutorials, and those nude celebrity pics: welcome to the world of 4chan.

Nude pics: iCloud in the clear?

9:55 AM  Apple breaks its silence over the leaking of 400 naked images, saying iCloud wasn't breached - celebrities themselves were hacked.

HIT FOR SIX: There's plenty of speculation about what's in Apple's new iPhone.

Game on iPhone 6 rumours video

4 min ago  The favourite game in the tech world right now is trying to guess what's in Apple's latest smartphone.

Servers dedicated

Hayden Walles explains what a server is and why they are so important.

iPhone wallet rumours

Agora 4G offers great value

ABOUT TIME: Is it time for Apple to finally unveils its smartwatch?

Countdown to iWatch

Is this September the time for Apple to finally unveil its smartwatch?

Anita Sarkeesian

Major push to end gamer hate

17 min ago  Thousands of video game developers have joined a campaign calling for an end to hateful speech, abuse, and harassment online.

Growing up NZ: The Game

A Kiwi living in Japan has taken to Kickstarter for a game project about growing up in Aotearoa.

PS4 revamp for Japan

Classic characters rule Amiibo

Neuroscientist Adam Gazzaley in Melbourne with a game to clinically improve cognitive function.

The neuro games

Expert game developers are looking to create games designed specifically to help children learn.


Google drones tested in Queensland

The first person in the world to receive a delivery from a Google drone was an Queensland farmer Neil Parfitt - who called it "amazing".