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Chorus confirms 'Netflix effect'

Taylor Schilling as Piper Chapman in Orange is the New Black, among the offerings on Netflix.

Evening broadband performance is being hit by 'Netflix effect', research suggests.

A hero for video stores?

Video stores are a dying breed. But one man is leading a rebellion.

Google revenue up 12 per cent

Google's Dame Ngaio Marsh doodle


Five Apple Watch alternatives gallery

The Samsung Gear S has not just Bluetooth connectivity like most other smart watches but also WiFi, mobile broadband and voice-calling.

Tech companies from Samsung to Sony and Motorola have been in the smartwatch game a lot longer than Apple.

Lucky catch saves dying drone

A fleet-footed photographer has pulled off a miraculous catch to save his drone from a watery death.

Strontium lattice atomic clock means no more excuses for being late.

Most accurate atomic clock ever

A record-setting strontium atomic clock could "tick" for 15 billion years.


Valve introduces paid mods to Skyrim

A screenshot of the Steam Workshop paid mods screen for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Gamers divided over Valve's move to paid Steam Workshop mods, starting with Skyrim.

Review: Mortal Kombat X

The tenth game in the main series and it delivers on almost every front.

Finn Puklowski says reinventing the video store is a case of do or die.

A hero for video stores?

Video stores are a dying breed. But one man is leading a rebellion.

social networking

The evolution of Invisible Boyfriend

Stock Photo - Funny love in social media and internet communication
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The site where money can buy you love.

Twitter opens direct messaging

You can now send personal messages to anyone on Twitter.

Twitter has embarked on an international tour to woo developers who can build new products for the service.

Twitter ratchets up abuse policy

Twitter is working on policies and tools to make its network a happier and safer place.


Twitter opens direct messaging

Now you can send and receive messages to anyone on Twitter, if you so choose.

You can now send personal messages to anyone on Twitter.

Health apps may misdiagnose

An increase in smartphone health apps is worrying health professionals.

Tinder has done a whole lot more than simply introduce the concepts of convenience and efficiency to human relationships.

Love in the age of Tinder

Love me tender Tinder… not. By all reports, people's interactions on Tinder are anything but tender.


Movies preparing us for robot overlords

Let's take a moment and think about how movies are teaching us to regard the bleeding edge of cybernetic research.

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