Twitter cat has 500,000 fans

01:55, Jul 16 2009
BIG ON THE WEB: Socks, the famous Twitter cat.

A cat named Socks is fast becoming the next big thing on Twitter.

Socks uses the website to share his daily thoughts, which predictably focus on food, sunshine, his friend Pennycat, and playing with "Baron Von Shakymouse".

Socks' recent tweets include "RED DOT WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN hey dude it's been boring without you WOAH HEY COME BACK run run run run run run" and "stalk stalk stalk AND WHAT HAVE WE HERE deadly pillow enemy BANZAIIIIIIIII CRASH oh no busted PILLOW ATTACKED FIRST run run run".

Socks, aka Sockington, isn't the only cat to embrace the micro-blogging phenomenon of Twitter - many of his fans are also cats, with even some dogs - but he is quickly becoming the most popular cat on the web.

His "Socks Army" of Twitter fans number nearly 500,000 strong, and his tweets are now being printed on t-shirts. He is also the star of a series of internet videos.

Twitter is fast becoming a staple of web-savvy celebs like Ashton Kutcher and Lindsay Lohan, who use the 140-character messages to connect with their fans.

Socks' posts may not be as eloquent as some of his rivals who are real celebrities, like Kim Kardashian ("Just arrived at the gym! OMG Jennifer Lopez was training before me! Wow is she stunning w no make up!"), popstar Miley Cyrus ("my heart just isn't logical"), or popstar Kate Perry ("I've taken so many steroids in the past week I feel like I could throw cars like dice, transformers style").

But Sockington's 480,000 followers put him close behind Miley Cyrus' 570,000 and comedian Stephen Fry's 490,000, and ahead of Kate Perry's 330,000 and starlet Nicole Richie's 260,000.

On Twitter at least, Socks is a real star.