Telecom starts business data firm

Last updated 12:33, March 10 2014

Telecom is moving into the "big data" market as it seeks new growth avenues to offset the decline in its fixed-line calling business.

The company has established a "standalone" business-intelligence firm, Qrious, to help public and private sector organisations make more of information from their IT systems and the wider world of big data.

Telecom spokesman Conor Roberts said Qrious had 15 staff but was recruiting more. Qrious was partnering with US specialists Pivotal and Apigee, whose software it would license, and with consultancy Accenture.

Telecom chief executive Simon Moutter said Qrious could help New Zealanders address "big challenging issues" such as how to deliver better public transport, housing and health outcomes.

"We believe there is a massive opportunity for 'NZ Inc' to generate significant economic and social benefit from smarter use of data," he said.

"The challenge is, many organisations and businesses don't have the people expertise or technical resource to analyse information and gain these insights, or if they do, there are significant obstacles to generating value.

"For example we are curious about ways to help prevent the increase of chronic illness and improve the healthcare services available to the public.

"By connecting available data sets across the sector and correlating this with population demographics, we can help direct investment to the most in-demand types of care."

Qrious had established a cloud-based platform where businesses, the public sector and other organisations could host data and combine that with other publicly-available information, Moutter said.

"Global insights" suggested that could generate "billions of dollars" for New Zealand, he said.

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Qrious' general manager is Cyrus Facciano, a former business development manager with the New Zealand branch of virtualisation software company VMware.

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