Telecom XT network restored

06:06, Dec 14 2009

Telecom says it has restored XT mobile services for those customers who have been without service following a major outage this morning.

"Services are up and running and reports show our customers are using their mobile devices," said CEO Telecom Retail, Alan Gourdie said.

"We continue to manage the network at a heightened level, reflecting the complex technical nature of today's fault, and in order to satisfy ourselves that it is delivering the level of service our customers expect."

Telecom said a technical fault, affecting a Christchurch-based technology component, had caused the loss of mobile service, including voice, SMS, and mobile broadband.

The outage had affected all of the country south of Taupo.

Telecom and technology partner, Alcatel-Lucent, worked with "specialist technical teams" from around the world to restore service for XT mobile customers.

Telecom earlier reported that some of its XT network sites were back up and running, but the restoration of the network took longer than expected.

"We apologise and deeply regret any inconvenience our customers experienced due to the interruption of XT services toda, Mr Gourdie said.

"We know how important mobile services are to our customers. We do not expect our customers to pay for services they have not received, so we will advise as soon as we're able how we will manage this."

In statement, Telecom said any XT customers still experiencing service issues should try restarting their phone, by powering down then removing the battery for several seconds, then restarting the phone.

- with NZPA