Kiwi firm helps Brits text for pizza

People in Britain can order pizzas by text message for the first time, now Domino's Pizza Group has adopted a text-ordering system first developed for Subway New Zealand by Auckland software firm Altaine.

Altaine managing director Warren Tobin says 470 Domino's stores have been added to the 186 Subway New Zealand outlets that pioneered its service in October. Subway is also piloting Altaine's system in Britain and the technology was discussed at the company's annual conference in Orlando last week.

Domino's customers register for text ordering by visiting the company's website, where they can allocate keywords for their favourite pizzas that they can then text to a shortcode.

Altaine earns a fee each time a text order is placed. Mr Tobin says that is not yet a multimillion-dollar revenue stream for the eight-person firm but it could become one if text ordering is adopted by the chains worldwide.

Domino's is opening 50 new stores in Britain each year with a goal of 1200 stores. Subway has nearly 28,000 outlets in 87 countries.

The Dominion Post