Calling all small businesses to the Internet

01:43, Jan 31 2009
NET PROFIT: TelstraClear's Fletcher Te Aika can't wait till its new internet telephony service is available for small firms. The new service allows small to medium sized businesses to manage their phone calls over the Internet.

TelstraClear is releasing a product today that lets small to medium-sized businesses manage their phone calls over the Internet.

Businesses can make, receive and manage phone calls through a web browser using the IP Gateway system, which can integrate with Microsoft Outlook to provide phone numbers for email contacts.

The system can be set to direct calls to a user's cellphone or home phone as well as their desk phone. Users can also set their status to "busy" so all calls are sent through to the voice message service.

TelstraClear will offer three packages to businesses, depending on their needs. The everyday pack provides a basic telephony service, while the ability to direct calls to cellphones and home phones is only offered in the premier pack.

Head of business Brenda Stonestreet said prices had not been decided last week but would be available today with the system launch. TelstraClear was using its own Internet Protocol network to provide the service, which was only available to businesses with a TelstraClear phone line and calling plan. It was best suited to businesses with five or more staff, she said.

Telecom spokeswoman Julia Bell says the company is also trying an Internet telephony product for small to medium-sized businesses, which will be able to rent the service through its online business portal.


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