Instagram app claims 'jitter-free' timelapse


The Hyperlapse app creates videos that mimics the technique of timelapse photography.

Instagram has launched a new app that mimics the complex technique of timelapse photography to create smooth-looking videos.

The company today released Hyperlapse, a free standalone app for iPhones and iPads which allows users to take timelapse videos.

It features the technique used in timelapse photography, which involves taking dozens of photos of the same thing spread over a period of time then putting them together into a video that plays back in a shorter amount of time.

EASY TO USE: The app's functionality is simple with just a start and stop button.

EASY TO USE: The app's functionality is simple with just a start and stop button.

Typically it involves taking images from a static position using tripods, timers and a lot of patience and time to work.

Instagram claims its app will do all this with a just tap on the screen and adds the extra element of allowing you to move around.

The app records in a lower frame rate than normal and plays back at the normal speed. This combined with image stabilisation technology creates a jitter-free video.

It's functionality is simple with just a start and stop button. All the processing and rendering takes place behind the scenes.

The resulting footage removes any shakes, wobbles and other movements for a smooth viewing experience.

It appears to be the only app that makes timelapse videos, and the company has got a jump on rival Microsoft  who earlier this month demonstrated a similar technology but it is still working on an app for Windows phones.

Having the ability to shoot a video in the normal fashion but have it appear with a new look is a similar concept to what made Instagram's filters so popular and allowed the company to amass 200 million monthly users.

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The app is a key element of the company's mission to get people to "visually express themselves".

This in part involves sharing what you create with Hyperlapse on social media, including Facebook, which bought Instagram two years ago for US$1 billion.

It is the second launch for the company in the past month after it launched Bolt, a standalone one-to-one visual messaging app for iOS and Android.

Bolt was launched in New Zealand and three other countries first, though this time Hyperlapse will be available to a global audience all on the same day.

Instagram hopes to have an Android version of Hyperlapse soon.

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