Snap, Trustpower fastest-growing ISPs

Christchurch's Snap Internet and Trustpower appear to be the fastest-growing internet providers according to calculations released by the Commerce Commission today.

The competition watchdog measures telecommunications companies' "added value" - their revenues minus the sums they are paying to other telcos such as Chorus for network inputs - in order to work out how much they should contribute to the annual $50 million Telecommunications Development Levy.

Snap Internet grew its "qualified revenue" by more than 55 per cent to $10.8m in the year to June 30, according to the commission. Trustpower, which changed its strategy last year so it no longer viewed broadband as a mere add-on to its electricity service, increased its qualified revenue by 32 per cent $4.9m.

Total industry revenues as measured by the commission fell almost 3 per cent to $4.28b. That ignores the contribution of companies with gross revenues of less than $10m.

Orcon and CallPlus, which have since merged, increased their qualified revenue by 6 per cent and 4.6 per cent respectively to a combined $96.4m.

Retailers that appear to have lost market share in the overall telco market include Spark, Vodafone, WorldxChange and Woosh Wireless.

The Telecommunications Development Levy is mainly used to fund improvements to rural broadband infrastructure and is levied at a rate of about 1.2 per cent on qualified revenues.

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