New BlackBerry 10 features leak online

01:17, May 08 2012
BlackBerry 10
IN THE DARK: The full list of BlackBerry 10 features has yet to be revealed.

A steady stream of leaks and rumours continue to fuel media speculation around BlackBerry's soon to be launched OS, BlackBerry 10.

The latest round of leaks has seen screen captures turning up in the Crackberry forums, showing off another set of features that may (or may not) materialise in BlackBerry 10 devices when they hit the market.

If the images are correct, it could be that when BlackBerry 10 powered devices hit the street they'll include a built-in screen sharing capability.

In essence this means BlackBerry owners will be able to share their phones screen while in a call, so presentations need never be missed and travel pictures can also be shared with workmates.

While any mention of these capabilities was absent from the recent BlackBerry World keynote speech by CEO Thorsten Heins, the prevailing sentiment from the forums around the leaks appears to be overwhelmingly positive as hype for the yet unreleased OS continues to gather momentum.