Green Party calls for Dotcom inquiry

The Green Party is calling for an independent investigation into the raid on internet mogul Kim Dotcom's house which seemed like a scene from a "bad Hollywood movie".

Green Party police spokesperson David Clendon said the actions of the police in connection with the Dotcom case needed to be scrutinised by an agency such as the Independent Police Conduct Authority.

In the High Court yesterday, Justice Helen Winkelmann ruled the high-profile police raid that ended in the search and seizure of a large amount of Dotcom's property was done with invalid warrants.

US authorities claim Dotcom and his three co-accused  Mathias Ortmann, Fin Batato and Bram van der Kolk  used the Megaupload website and its affiliated sites to knowingly make money from pirated movies and games.

They have charged him in the US with multiple copyright offences.

"Given that our police and Crown lawyers were working on behalf of the United States they should have made certain that New Zealand’s laws weren’t trampled on," said Mr Clendon.

"The original raid on Mr Dotcom’s house was like something from a bad Hollywood movie."

He said it was of "great concern" that the raid involved invalid warrants.

"New Zealand agencies should not ignore basic legal guidelines and safeguards in order to assist other countries legal services," said Mr Clendon.

"Given the disquieting information that has emerged about this case to date it may be necessary for a formal review of how New Zealand’s justice services interact with foreign governments’ criminal investigation services."

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