Dotcom draws fire for rape joke tweets

00:05, Sep 04 2012

Two "not funny" rape jokes in the space of a week are causing an online storm centred on internet piracy-accused Kim Dotcom.

The Megaupload millionaire, who is accused of a mass copyright breach by the US Government and is currently awaiting and extradition hearing in New Zealand, made the comments on Twitter, which he uses to communicate with his fans.

In the first "joke" he compared himself to WikiLeaks rape-accused Julian Assange late on Saturday night while pretending to be a "fly on the wall" at a meeting between New Zealand Prime Minister John Key and US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton:

"Fly on the Wall. John to Hillary: "I am so sorry Madam President aehm Secretary. Please give me another chance. Should we allege some rape?""

After some criticism on Twitter, Dotcom later deleted the Tweet.

However, following series of blogs and a media article today criticising his stance, Dotcom moved to defend himself, tweeting first:


"The world is full of critics. They make no mistakes cause they attempt nothing. I create, I fight, I tweet, I joke, I make mistakes. Got me!"

And then:

"WARNING: Do not read beyond this point unless you have a sense of humor! Here are 15 rape jokes that work."

Following the tweet with a link to a list of rape jokes, dozens of people replied to say the link was "not funny" and they would be unfollowing Dotcom.

"Protip for @KimDotcom: if you have to make a disclaimer about not reading something unless you have a sense of humour, it's not funny." Said ‏@LewStoddart.

An apology from the internet giant saying, "I do apologize if I offended anyone" is yet to make the matter better, with dozens of critics continuing to lash out on the site.

@KimDotcom You should probably have just withdrawn and apologised, and not tried to justify it, bro. Is this your first day on the internet?" said ‏@IAmLucasJC

"@KimDotcom You are just digging a bigger hole mate - give it up - please." Said @Terrano.

Others have suggested he make a donation to a rape charity for the comments, similar to a move undertaken by pizza firm Hell in recent weeks.