Fishing spots sold on Trade Me after breakup

There is no better cure for a breakup than treating yourself to some lovely jewellery, and that is exactly what a Waikato teacher did after selling her ex-boyfriend's most prized possession.

The ex-boyfriend was a keen fisherman and had entrusted her with his secret fishing spots, but after he fled to Australia with little notice, Angela Potter got revenge.

Miss Potter was clearing out her garage when she found the GPS markings for fishing spots in the Bay of Plenty and many other areas of the North Island, so she auctioned them off on Trade Me last January and scored herself a whopping $3000.

The auction received 89,688 views, making it the 10th most viewed Trade Me auction of 2012, a surprise to Miss Potter.

"I only expected it to get 100 hits," she said.

"My ex-boyfriend is an avid and very successful fisherman who asked me to protect his collection of GPS fishing spot co-ordinates [with my life no less]. Not a problem," she wrote on the auction.

And sold secrets tend to make for an angry man - Miss Potter said her ex was less than pleased to find out they had been shared.

Miss Potter said she would never have sold the co-ordinates had it been an amicable breakup, however, the man packed his belongings into her suitcase, which had sentimental value, and fled the country.

"When he refused to return my suitcase that's when I sold his co-ordinates," she said. "I didn't list them to be vindictive. I listed them as a bit of a laugh."

Adding to the story is that Miss Potter has now hooked another fisherman, but out of respect to the people who bought the sacred fishing secrets, she is not willing to share them with him.

"I wouldn't do that. I'm fairly honourable in that respect," she said.

The other Waikato auction which made the 2012 Trade Me Most Viewed Auction list was a 25 kilogram pail of the still absent Kiwi staple Marmite. Gilmour's Hamilton auctioned the pot of black gold for $2115, and donated the profits to charity.

Waikato Times