Dotcom's chopper temporarily down

07:01, Jan 28 2013
Kim Dotcom
GET TO DA CHOPPA: Kim Dotcom sent out this picture of himself with temporarily disabled helicopter.

Internet millionaire Kim Dotcom had to make an emergency landing on a remote forestry road today after technical issues forced his helicopter pilot to ground the aircraft.

Dotcom, who is awaiting extradition trial to the United States on charges of copyright and racketeering, said through the social media site Twitter that the helicopter's fuel gauge dropped to zero and there was a warning about the rotor blade.

"This is the first time I agree with the prosecutor. Flying is a RISK!" he tweeted.

Kim Dotcom
Sir Paul Holmes entertains Kim Dotcom at his home in the Hawke's Bay.

Earlier he had said that he was on his way to lunch with a real "knight", later revealed to be Sir Paul Holmes.

Dotcom's head of security Wayne Tempero was also on the flight.

Dotcom said his pilot had found the problem had been a disconnected wire. 


The helicopter was grounded for about an hour while the pilot fixed the issue.


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