Kiwis can't keep eyeballs on one screen

04:07, Mar 12 2013
<br><b>MULTI-TASK: Eighty-five per cent of Kiwis regularly dual-screen; watching TV while using other smart devices.</b>

Google says 85 per cent of New Zealanders "regularly dual-screen" by watching the television at the same time as using their smartphone or computer.

Sources told Fairfax that some men also attempt to combine the practice with talking to their spouses, but with mixed results.

Google said dual-screening showed New Zealanders were keen "multi-taskers" and it was a good idea for businesses to consider advertising online when their brands were exposed on television.

Google earns much of its revenues from online advertising.

The company said fifty-five per cent of people Google surveyed reported they go online to research things they were seeing on TV and "ad-breaks" were often a trigger for dual-screeners to focus their attention on their computer or smartphone.

"With so many devices at our fingertips, we're not waiting until we've finished watching our television programme before searching for something that caught our interest, we're doing it instantly," Google New Zealand country manager Tony Keusgen said.


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