Dotcom 'humour' in raid music video

20:38, Jun 13 2013
Kim Dotcom
AMATEUR DJ: Kim Dotcom likes to express himself online in song.

Dramatic new video of the police raid on Kim Dotcom’s mansion has been released, showing clear shots of how officers carried out their high-level operation.

The internet mogul made public the previously unseen CCTV footage from his home’s surveillance cameras this evening, in the form of a music video.

It was cut together with news footage and shots from the police Eagle helicopter with what Dotcom said was a “sense of humour… because I am tired of being angry about the raid’’.

He pre-empted the release with a series of tweets in which he described the images as “S-H-O-C-K-I-N-G”.

“Cops with baseball caps and sneakers pointing automatic weapons with silencers,” Dotcom said.

“Anti-Terrorism units terrorizing a zero-threat family.”


Dotcom the founder of file-sharing site Megaupload, who has been charged with various copyright infringements by the US Government and is now fighting his extradition, was arrested in a police operation on his Coatesville mansion in January last year.

The raid has since been deemed illegal by the High Court, when Justice Winkelmann ruled the warrants authorising it were too general.

The new images clearly show armed police arriving at the mansion, where they climb fences and arrest a guard at the gate. They then enter the house with guns and dogs, while more officers arrive in helicopters.

Other shots show Dotcom’s cars being towed from the property.

Previous footage of the raid gathered by police was released in court in August last year. It showed two helicopters landed in quick succession in the mansion’s courtyard.

Five armed men exited each helicopter and then three vans and a car quickly arrived with more armed men, some with dogs.

The officers, from the elite police Special Tactics Group, entered the mansion and went upstairs to Dotcom’s bedroom.

On finding it empty, police used sledgehammers and a mechanical saw to breach the walls of a dumb-waiter, where they wrongly suspected Dotcom was hiding.

He was eventually located, with the help of bodyguard Wayne Tempero, in a safe room. While arresting Dotcom, police said they stood on his hand.

Dotcom also accused police of kicking and punching him during the raids. They have denied these allegations.

As well as being ruled illegal due to the faulty search warrants, the raid is now the subject of two further court cases – where Dotcom is seeking compensation both from police and the GCSB, who were found to have spied on him illegally while gathering intelligence for the operation.

Additionally, Dotcom is still awaiting his extradition hearing – it was this week delayed again due to ongoing legal arguments, likely until next year.

Lawyers will appear in the Supreme Court in July over disclosure in the case.

Dotcom has had several wins over the crown so far, including the recent order that police must return digital property taken from him in the raid.