Facebook is New Zealand's second-favourite leisure activity

Facebook is a vast beast, strapping itself to the social lives of millions of people around the world.

As a consumer product it is only rivalled in daily popularity by one other brand - Coke.

Down here in New Zealand, our usage rate is very high.

Facebook say 2.9 million New Zealanders have an active account with them - around 61 per cent of all Kiwis as of 2017.

And those aren't people who check it every now and then. 2.3 million Kiwis access Facebook every day.


What does Facebook mean to you?

Share your stories, photos and videos.

How does this compare worldwide? It's quite a bit higher than in the UK, where just over half of the population uses Facebook, and comparable to the US and Australia, where between 60 and 61 per cent of people are estimated to have Facebook accounts.

(Those Americans - all 191 million of them, are the most valuable to Facebook. They make around NZ$87 a year off every US Facebook user. The revenue for "Asia Pacific" users, where our numbers are bundled in, are in the single digits.)

Interestingly, while India has the most Facebook users - close to 200 million - it's got nowhere near the highest usage rate. No, that would be Taiwan, where an estimated 77 per cent of people have a Facebook account.

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Many overseas surveys suggest social networking, with Facebook at the fore, is by far the most popular online recreational activity.

Nailing down exactly how much time we Kiwis spend on Facebook a day is tricky.

Facebook say Kiwis log in an average of 14 times a day.

Halfway through 2016, Facebook claimed their average user - worldwide - spent 50 minutes a day on the site. 

If that holds true for New Zealand that makes Facebook our second favourite "leisure" activity - if you can really call it that.

According to our last time use survey in 2009/2010, Kiwis spent an average of 2 hours and 8 minutes a day watching TV or other videos, our favourite thing to do outside of working and sleeping.

"Socialising and conversation" took up an average of one hour and eight minutes. Notably, social networking was coded within this. 

Obviously trying to work out how much time is spent on Facebook while one is meant to be working would be quite difficult.

Facebook, mighty as it is, is far from conquering the thing we do for an average of almost nine hours a day: Sleep. 

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