PB Tech customers shocked after receiving email containing 'N-word'

PB Tech allegedly circulated this online mailer with a broken filename link containing the n-word.

PB Tech allegedly circulated this online mailer with a broken filename link containing the n-word.

A technology company appears to have committed an embarrassing gaffe, which has seen them email out an online newsletter containing the n-word.

The online mailer was allegedly circulated by PB Tech to its customers on Sunday. It contains a broken image link with the filename "n..... line".

A screenshot of the apparent blunder was posted on social media website Reddit by a user who claimed the broken link was for an image of a solid black line.

The Reddit post had attracted more than 240 comments by Monday afternoon.

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Those discussing the thread commented that it looked to be a classic case of not being careful about what you name images when you save them, in case they break while loading.

PB Tech has been approached for comment.

The Reddit user who posted the screenshot said they thought there might be an innocent reason for the "snafu".

"But after looking closer, it turned out the broken image link was a solid black line."

The user posted another message shortly after saying they did not want to cause any damage to the company or its employees.

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"I don't want the culprit sacked either. It certainly wasn't my intention in posting this. A warning would suffice if there aren't extenuating circumstances."

The post attracted a fair amount of debate and disgust from other Reddit users.

One said they would be furious if they found "code jokes like this at my job".

"Mainly because it could slip out, but it also raises some questions about the person's common sense, to put it nicely."

Another user responded by saying they did not consider the file name a joke, and it was actually just racist.

The issue appeared to be somewhat rectified a few hours after the gaffe was made public.

One user said they had checked their email and the black line was back on the server, but the filename was the same because it was too late to change it.

PB Tech claims to be New Zealand's largest computing and IT company, employing more than 500 staff at 10 stores across the country.

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