Ultimate selfie app gets a big update video


Everyday for iPhone is an app that makes it easy to capture a photo of yourself, everyday, to see just how fast life goes.

Remember Everyday?

Way way back in 2011, when the front-facing camera had just been added to the iPhone 4 and "Snapchat" was just two words smushed together, Everyday showed the world the power of the humble selfie. 

It was one of those dead simple apps that got all the details right. You opened it, took a selfie, and put it away again. The app reminded you to take one (every day) and crucially let you align each photo with the one from yesterday, then export one of those "She took a photo every day for ten years!!" videos.

Creator William Wilkinson had designed it for a niche narcissistic audience, but the app took off in a huge way. "I designed it for one use and realized people were using it to take pictures of their babies, their kids, multiple projects," he told Buzzfeed.

Anyway, the app was huge but felt a bit clunky and old as the years went on. Today Wilkinson fixed that with an update nobody was really expecting - Everyday 2.0.

What does it add? A lot of little things (location reminders, randomised reminders, a new interface), and one big thing - the ability to control multiple separate timelines.

This will mean a whole lot more 'look at my flower grow!' videos in the near future. Oh well.

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