Windows 10's Hello a more secure sign in video


Making Windows 10 more personal with Windows Hello.

Forget passwords, now your personal computer can recognise you, stopping others logging on and stealing files.

It's called Windows Hello and is included in Windows 10, the last version of Microsoft's operating system launched on Wednesday via a free download to qualifying Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 computers.

But Windows Hello only works with specialised biometric sensors.


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"It's so cool," said Microsoft New Zealand Windows and Surface business group leader Carol Glidden.

Windows Hello knows your face and can't be fooled by photos.

Windows Hello knows your face and can't be fooled by photos.

"I walk up to my computer and it signs me in straight away."

Microsoft turned to 5.5 million computer users on its Windows Insider Programme for help designing the last iteration of the software, which will be updated in the future one application at a time.

"We are at 5.5 million insiders now and we are expecting that to grow," Glidden said. "They are taking real time feedback from the insiders and making changes."

It includes elements of Windows 7, the most popular iteration of the software, and Windows 8, the least popular.

A new feature called Continuum means you get the same Windows experience regardless of device, meaning a Windows Phone plugged into an external monitor and keyboard becomes a full powered Windows 10 personal computer.

"It's one experience across all devices and it's super cool," Glidden said.

Multi Snap allows you to have four windows open simultaneously filling a quarter of the screen each.

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New internet browser Edge allows annotation which you can save and share with others.

Cortana, Microsoft's digital assistant, is also built into Windows 10 and becomes helpful the more you use it. But it can't handle the New Zealand accent yet.

"We are working on bringing it to New Zealand," Glidden said. "With Cortana I am running the US version and she tends to say 'I don't understand what you are saying', half the time."

More than two million computers are eligible for the free Windows 10 download in New Zealand, which will come pre-installed on the more than 600,000 PCs sold in New Zealand every year.

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