TGIF: Bad lip reading edition

01:43, Feb 03 2012

All the links fit to print. On the internet.

* Bad Lip Reading takes politicians and puts words in their mouths. Literally. Their latest one is their best yet, with Rick Santorum. Frankie?

* We get it, internet, you love/hate (mostly hate) Lana Del Rey. Here is a list of meanest quotes from reviews of her album.

* New Zealand finally got its own X looks at things, John Key looks at things. (Not quite this week.)

* Tim Doyle draws Simpsons/Arrested Development locations. It's awesome.

* What ever anyone tells you, never, ever do the cinnamon challenge.

* I kind of want a dog, just for the gifs.

* This screenshot of what to do instead of lasertag has been flying around every which where. This screenshot is better.

Any for me? I'm doing sevens coverage all day/night and could do with the distraction.

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