TGIF: Awkward Kristin edition

01:42, Feb 24 2012

Writing an intro to "here are a bunch of links" gets harder every week. Here are a bunch of links.

* First things first, whoa, JK Rowling is publishing a new adults book, which has nothing to do with Harry Potter. As someone on Twitter said, "Adults book huh? So more or less genocide?" Heh.

* Someone put Jean Ralphio from Parks and Recreation into the new Spiderman trailer. Yes please.

* This is the scariest thing I have seen in a long time.

* Hey, two minutes of the new Pixar film.

* Poor Kristin. (In the background.)

* "No I do uh, like, witchcraft."

* Damn Santorum, you just got Biden'd.

* Flickr is getting a makeover! Finally.

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