TGIF: What's in my mouth edition

21:03, Mar 01 2012

Back at uni, and the weeks are already feeling longer. But it's Friday now! Procrastination! Links! 

* Redubbed informercials are always pretty fun. Slightly NSFW (fine with headphones).

* "What's in my mouth?" is the new "David after Dentist".

* A new Gorillaz video! The song has been bouncing around for a few weeks and is sweet too.

* If only Maru was an Oscar nominee

* If you don't watch Parks and Recreation, you should. Knope 2012!


* There is a new Avengers trailer up. Nothing more needs to be said.

* The Tangential, as usual, has a sweet list of the funniest tweets of the week.

* Leap Days are scary, okay.

* "Don't hug me I'm scared" is old, but I've never linked it here. Oh, and I vomited from laughing last time I saw it with people. Not much, there was no mess or anything, but still. That has never happened before. I was kind of in the process of swallowing at the same time I guess. Wait till around the two-minute mark.

* Ryan Gosling's guide to picking up women! And here I was thinking feminist dialogue was the way.

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