TGIF: Bro, chill edition

02:11, Mar 09 2012

What a week, right? I bet some of you work weekends and have Friday as your Sunday. Man that must be weird. Here are some links.

* Classic movies subtitled for bros. Bro. Chill.

* A NEW COMMUNITY TRAILER. No more needs to be said.

* Dollar Shave Club shows us all how to virally advertise. So much so that their site went down, immediately. I'm good at tennis.

* In case you missed it alllllll over the place this week, Simpsons spoofed Game of Thrones.

* Ten times Ryan Gosling wasn't looking so chill.

* The Fresh Prince of Downton Abbey. One day that theme will get old but it is not this day.

* This link to an article about the iPad is sweet, sweet, search engine gold. (From The Onion.)

* Obama's favourite Wire character is Omar. There Obama goes again, giving an expletive when it ain't his turn.

* Good Guy Lucifer can be interpreted as either hilarious of offensive.

* Bloc Party is possibly coming to Australia, which also means maybe New Zealand. I can dream.

That Kony 2012 blog sure got some response, huh? Just to clarify - I'm not anti Kony 2012, just anti intervention without knowledge, and pro-researching. The fact that we are all talking about Africa shows the video has definitely done some good, I'm just not sure the Ugandan army deserves our support. Make your own decision.

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