TGIF: Earth Juice edition

20:48, Mar 15 2012

The term "Friday" comes from the Old English word Frīġedæġ, meaning the "day of Frigg". Thanks Wikipedia. Here are some links.

* Vytautas Mineral Water! It's Earth's Juice!

* Jake Gyllenhaal just goes ahead and kills some people in this sweet music video.

* Heh. Pets dressed up as stuff never gets old.

* This Cracked article ruins my favourite series of children's books nicely.

* Mmmm, pretty Scrabble.

* Marco Arment, cofounder of Tumblr, lays out why this whole "curators code" thing is unnecessary.

* Cougartown had some fun with a whole load of the actors/characters from Scrubs. I miss that show.

* Orson Welles (You know, Citizen Kane) directed an adaptation of one of my favourite books, Kafka's The Trial, and the whole thing is free on YouTube. Highly recommended if you for some reason have two hours spare.

* Just in case you missed this adorable baby being shot. (With an iPhone.)

* Have I linked the trailer for God Bless America yet? Here it is again. A bit violent for your typical workplace.

* Picle is a cool idea for an app, it take a photo and simultaneously records a few seconds of sound, aiming to fully capture a scene without resorting to video. IOS only, currently.

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