TGIF: Pictureless Pinterest edition

22:18, Apr 26 2012

Another week, another linkdump.

* Hey look a new Simon Pegg movie!

* Pictureless Pinterest! This is half of why I love Twitter - snark. Sample tweet: "Close up picture of doorknobs", heh. Okay so it's hard to get across with one tweet, just click the link already.

* If you're in Vegas, kinda rich, and hung over, there's a bus just for you. I still don't think making it a moving vehicle is a good idea.

* Is Jon Hamm (Mad Men) bad at ANYTHING?

* You know when pretentious people frame a rectangular scene with their fingers? Well apparently they are making a camera that takes that idea and amps it up. Pretty cool.

* I am super enjoying the "Good Guy VHS" meme.


* Why haven't I seen more pictures of people riding sharks?

* Skynet is now intensely aware of its kneecaps.

* Obama continues that whole "so hip" thing and slow-jams the news.

* Sweet little feature on title sequences.

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