TGIF: Dark Knight Rises edition

21:10, May 06 2012

On Friday I dump links to sweet stuff from around the internet. Every week I try to write a different variation of that sentence.

*In case you've been living under an internet rock, a new Dark Knight Rises trailer came out this week. It's awesome. There was also a new Prometheus trailer, but apparently it's spoilerific, so search for it at your own risk.

*You know how there's, um, a tape of Kim Kardashian. Well here are three elderly woman watching it. Not safe for work without headphones. Probably just not safe for work in general.

*The best gif you will see all month. All year. All decade. [Reddit.]

*Game of Thrones in lego. Sweet.

*Obama has gotten slightly more eloquent. 

*A cheatsheet to that crazy "What is your worst secret" Reddit thread. Not safe for life.

*With all this Text Based Tumblr hubbub, I remembered the old Twitter in Real Life.

*Horse masks are never old.

*Paul Ryan, the guy who writes crazy ass budgets in the states, got the 'Hey Girl' Ryan Gosling treatment.

*I've always been more of a Modern Warfare guy but the new Call of Duty trailer IS pretty awesome.

Link me stuff, I have to write an essay this weekend.

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