TGIF: Great White edition

22:46, Jul 12 2012

- This is the wierdest video you will see all day. It's a clam (supposedly) eating salt, although many are saying that it is actually trying to escape. I will admit total ignorance.

A nice day fishing! Wait for it, trust me.

- I didn't especially love any of the 5 Second Films this week so here is an old classic.

- Randall Munroe, creator of the excellent xckd, has a new blog where he answers "what if" questions. Better than it sounds.

- Louis C.K. on the new iPhone.

- The economically healthy Daily Planet is now the least believable aspect of the Superman universe.


- Book Harry Potter v film Harry Potter.

- A dude paid off his mortgage with 360 kg of pennies.

- Remember when I said something was the wierdest link you would see all day? I lied.

- New Justice video is fun. Rollerballing fun. 

- Intense sounding girl does the voice of all the original 151 Pokemon. If that floats your bloat.

Weekends, good, have.