TGIF: Not cats for once edition

20:16, Oct 04 2012

- Cute dogs play Sarcastaball. Oh wow, a cute pet video on my TGIF post. What a surprise.

- If you have somehow missed this video of a news anchor responding to a nasty letter, here it is.

- is an awesome/creepy way to look at the latest Instagram photos taken inside places. People at Apple instagram pretty boring stuff (except for that huge iPod.) The Googleplex has some cooler stuff. Buzzfeed's office looks a bit sparse.  Essentially here is what's at the Met right now. Lotsa fun.

- You know when someone is videoing you but you think they're taking a photo and you just hold a face for a few seconds? Here is a compilation of that.

- Every on-screen drink in Mad Men.

- American celebs try to be funny while telling you to vote, same old same old, but always fun.


- Another cute dog, but this time in slow motion.

- The five guys who do trailer voiceovers in a limo together.

- You think its going to be just someone making Obama rap 99 Problems, but they actually construct whole new verses.

- Wheeee Breaking Bad/Simpsons mashup. You knew it was coming.

- A Song of Ice and The Wire is still awesome, and exactly what it sounds like.

- Famous authors write Cosmo tips. "It was not a bad feeling."

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