TGIF: Human Wikipedia edition

01:30, Nov 02 2012

Syrian Rebels with cats, adorable.

- The Human Wikipedia (kind of not really.)

- Will Smith rapping! Recently! Even swearing, woah.

- This little girl is tired of "Bronco Bamma and Mitt Romney". I'm guessing you guys are going to be happy when all the US politics links stop as well.

- Stuntmen back in the day really just didn't give an expletive.

- This week in powerful ads that might make you tear up.


- You know when 3D movies do that lame thing where they draw attention to the artifice by THROWING SOMETHING AT THE AUDIENCE? Here is a supercut of how lame that is. NSFW: Very very gory.

- Disney of course bought out LucasArts this week; here are the inevitable memes that came with it.

- 100 awesome horror movie lines. SO MANY MEMORIES.

- They Ayn Rand show!

- This zoomable animated wind map of the US is incredible.

-  I would be remiss not to link to the Air New Zealand Hobbit video huh.

- And finally, a timelapse of Sandy hitting New York. I doubt any of you read me from the eastern seaboard, but if you do, I hope everything is okay.