TGIF: Infinite edition

23:04, Nov 15 2012

- A baby elephant discovers water. SQUEEEEEEE.

- Yeah, this is why MTV doesn't play music videos anymore. 

The Useless Web is a collection of what I call "one-shot" websites, think Instant Ostrich or Staggering Beauty. Anything from a looping gif to amazing CSS experiments, really.

- Starting a bonfire in New Zealand.

- The infinite jukebox finds repeating parts of songs and uses that to seamlessly loop them. Doesn't work for everything, but works for a lot of things. Uploading is disabled at the time of writing, but here is Call Me Maybe, Thrift Shop and Intro by The xx. Requires Chrome.

- Here are some kittens watching tennis.


- Putting a turbo engine in a tractor, 'cause why not?

- Google Poetics makes poems from Google suggestions.

- Star War 7, if Wes Anderson made it.

- The new Friday. Possibly worse. Actually yeah, that rap definitely made this worse.

- This newsman will hypnotise you with his signoff. So ridiculously good.

- If you are fan of Keyboard Cat, check out this new Google ad.

- An open letter to the phrase "having said that" by Crystal Galean.

Until next week!