TGIF: Cat Island edition

23:37, Nov 29 2012

- This week in somewhat cute animal videos ruined by their YouTube titles, a dog carries a cat inside.

- Dogs v Children. Squeeeee.

- Game of Thrones as Seinfeld, and Gilmore Girls v Girls.

- Bill O'Reilly dissects Gangnam Style, after hidden meaning. Let's hope that is the last time I have to type those two words.

- Now I want a huge-ass pile of leaves. (Skip to 1.25 for the fun.)

- This 3D photo booth will make figurines rather than photos.


- I can never get enough Bad Lip Reading. They did a new one for Twilight.

- Alison Brie from Community/Mad Men teaching you the Charleston.

- Fun/pretty sci-fi supercut.

- Samsung butt-test their phones. No seriously. (Skip to 1.20.)

Five Myths about the Great Firewall of China, which is neither great, nor a firewall.


- Super Antics!

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