TGIF: Trailers, trailers, trailers edition

21:25, Dec 06 2012

Sports fans, it is Friday, here are links.

This video is three things: 1) The best Instagram parody yet, 2) the best CollegeHumour video in years, 3) the best Nickelback parody in forever. The beauty is in the detaaaaailllsssss.

- The new Star Trek teaser is, you guessed it, darker and edgier. There is extra footage in the Japanese version.

Gawker wrote a better headline for this than I ever could: Jay-Z rides the Subway, adorably explains who he is to adorable old lady.

- Drunk History is old, but worth bringing back.

- An honest trailer for The Dark Knight.


- Want your hooker to be more Manic Pixie Dream Girl?

- A wearable tail that wags when it knows you are happy because why the hell not, 2012?

- So Portal is a pretty sweet game, I think we can all agree on that, but Portal on a calculator? I already had enough distractions in sixth form maths, thank you very much.

- An awesome mash-up of film trailers from 2012. I really love trailers.

- Twitter, the comic.

- Last trailer for the day, I promise, is from the guy who made Primer.

- Hype Machine's 50 most blogged about artists is pretty and fun.

- A holiday etiquette guide, with cats.

Trying out a new thing down here where I talk about tech news that isn't quite big enough to blog about but still worthy of a mention. Feel free to ignore if you are just here for the links.

Pandora is getting a proper release down here, next week. You can meet the CEO even, if you are in Auckland, wish I could spare the money for a flight. I saw people on Twitter asking about a Spotify comparison, so I should probably be self-promotey and link to my piece on the huge differences between the two.

Instagram pictures are going to stop displaying properly on Twitter. Mike Arrington has a good take on it - essentially it is bulls**t, and endemic to how all of the web is slowly starting to screw us.

Telecom is trialling 4G LTE in Auckland and Wellington. This is a large deal. Apparently LTE seems faster than wifi occasionally. I don't have a smartphone new enough for taking advantage of it, but many of you will, so get ready for burning through your data even faster.

Myspace is back! - A well designed but slightly cluttered site so far. The top 8 and the profile song are still there! Lots of nostalgia, don't see it going anywhere though. Turns out I can't change my old URL either.

They found John McAfee! This tweet sums up my feelings.

The tech bubble is slowly popping, maybe. It is starting to look as though investments are down in consumer tech and stupid start-ups with no revenue plans aren't raking in investment cash anymore, as the smart money moves to enterprise. Dan Lyons over on ReadWrite has an excellent vitriolic writeup. I don't agree with everything he says, but he says it well and a lot of it hits home.