TGIF: End of the world edition

20:18, Dec 20 2012

I hope you are reading this while the world falls down around you. This will be my last blog for 2012, or ever, if the Mayans somehow knew more than modern scientists.

- Trampoline Walling is exactly as awesome as it sounds. Skip to 0:25.

Google's yearly lookback is fun and moving once again. The YouTube lookback is fun too but has to have goddamn Gangnam Style, ugh.

- This cat is a freaking crossguard - I love life.

Everything wrong with The Avengers in three minutes. Spiderman too.

- Michael Bay is making a non-Transformers movie. Seems crazy now.


- Watch the largest iceberg breakup ever filmed.

- All the fake shows from Arrested Development are on Netflix, with blurbs.

- This DMX/Pokemon mashup is a thing that exists.

- "Nice guys" of Ok Cupid.

- These yearly megamixes of all the huge pop hits from the year are reliably funner than any of the songs by themselves.

- The new iPhone is the first geared toward female students, with a pre-shattered screen.

Thank you all so much for reading this year, I know I'm not always the most consistent blogger. See you in mid-January.

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