TGIF: Doing it wrong edition

23:52, Feb 14 2013


- Want to watch Harlem Shake videos but can't be screwed sifting through the terrible ones? Presenting, Harlem Shake Roulette. You are probably doing it wrong though.

- Remember when you were young and every first experience was exciting? Here, adorably refresh yourself.

- Daniel Radcliffe/Harry Potter seems much better at mocking himself (see also: Extras) than actually acting.

- Australia are copying us again, this time with pets driving things. Cute though.

- A ridiculously excellent short story which is kind of about Twitter.


- Speaking of cute, this turtle has some issues eating.

- A legitimately awesome "office prank".

- Okay okay dogs can be pretty impressive even if they aren't as cute.

- How to draw really good! Super realistic. I feel like I know this guy's voice from like a seven year old NewGrounds video, no idea if I am right.

- The internet goes to Washington.

- The funniest thing I have seen on Tumblr in quite a while.

- Okay no this is, especially if you like Beyonce.

- If you are at all interested in Photoshop, even if you just use it for a few minutes every day, read this excellent feature by Paul Miller on what is possibly the best and worst program of all time.