Hardware heaven: third-party accessories

20:43, Jul 15 2012

At the moment my lounge room, where I do all my gaming, resembles a gaming peripherals warehouse: boxes for gaming mice, top-end headphones, a customisable controller and a steering wheel/pedal combo litter the room.

I've never really been one for third-party accessories for my games - I'll usually play racing and fighting games with a standard controller, not a specific game pad or steering wheel - but after playing around with the Hori EX2 racing wheel, games like Forza 4 Motorsports are much more fun to play - and the cars are easier to control.

Over the years there has been an explosion in third-party accessories, notably game-themed controllers, and it doesn't show any sign of letting up, but there have been some real misses when it comes to accessories. I went on the internet and I found this (extra brownie points if you can guess where that quote comes from)  ... Nintendo's Power Glove controller from 1989. Said to "recreate human hand movements on a television or computer screen in real time", it was a monumental failure. One of the biggest accessory messes of all time?

I went on the internet again and found that some of gaming's worst peripherals (depending on who you talk to) include Nubytech's chainsaw controller for Resident Evil 4 on the Gamecube, the Sega Activator, Nintendo's R.O.B, Sega Bass fishing reel and the Gametrak.

So, in celebration of the weekend coming up (for those of us that don't have to work) and the fact that I've got gaming hardware aplenty to review, give me your list of the best and worst gaming accessories you've come across.

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