Yes, I played Borderlands 2 at the weekend

21:51, Sep 24 2012

Well, it's not hard to guess what game I was playing over the weekend: if you guessed Borderlands 2, then you'd be right.

And it seems that just about all of the friends on Xbox Live were doing the same thing - some of them for an extraordinary number of hours across the weekend!

I probably put in 10 to 12 hours over the weekend - three of those yesterday when Mrs Game Junkie and Master Game Junkie went and visited a friend in the afternoon. I was hoping to put in more but my hay fever was playing up something shocking yesterday, and watery eyes meant I had to squint quite a bit during the afternoon.

I played a mix of solo campaign on the Saturday (as a commando) and I thought the campaign started off quite slowly - almost painfully slowly - at times, with some quite pedestrian missions, but really kicked up a gear once you were given access to vehicles.

The enemies seemed to be a good mix of sprinters and slow movers, but I've decided bullymongs are the biggest pain the arse I've come across. Also, thank God for the Hyperion reconstruction chambers (the ones that re-spawn you after you die). I died quite a few times thanks to the frantic battles (especially while playing cooperatively).

Borderlands 2 has a mean sense of humour underlying the game, too, much of it coming from sarcastic robot Claptrap, who features heavily in the game's opening missions. I also loved the second wind feature, which means that when you're close to death, if you kill an enemy you get revived. It's a nice feature that makes you keep on fighting to the very end.


Most of my play time on Sunday (first thing in the morning, then mid- to late afternoon), though, was playing co-op with a friend in Christchurch and another friend in Seattle. It was as though it was a completely new game: Borderlands 2 seems more suited to cooperative play, with each player's skills nicely complementing the other's.

If I recall correctly, one of my co-op partners was the siren, and the other was the assassin. I chose the commando because, well, he has a mobile sentry turret that can be deployed: it saved my bacon more than once during some of the enemy-laden missions.

Borderlands 2 has captured my attention more than the original game did. I'm not sure why that is: maybe it's just more interesting. I'm really digging the visual style too: cartoony but with a hard edge to it. I like it a lot.

So, how many others invested a few hours into Borderlands 2 on the weekend? Do you agree with me that cooperative play is a much better experience than the solo mode? Or have you decided to bypass the Borderlands 2 train and play something else?

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